Where is Sebasco?

Putting Our Maine Oceanfront Resort on the Map

Sebasco Harbor Resort is located on Maine’s scenic and historic Phippsburg Peninsula, which is at the northern edge of Casco Bay. The peninsula’s total area encompasses 71.20 square miles—of which only 28.58 square miles are land! The town is bordered by the city of Bath to the north and Popham Beach to the south, and serves as a divider between the Kennebec River and Casco Bay. The unique land formations of peninsulas provide some of the most picturesque areas in the world and serve as ideal refuges for wildlife. Derived from a combination of the Latin words pene, meaning “almost” and insula, meaning “island”, a peninsula is a landform that is surrounded by water on three sides, while still remaining connected to the mainland.

Phippsburg is marked by a rugged coastline of coves and inlets, a quaint small-town feel and an abundance of natural wonders. For such a small town, you can find all of the charms here that Maine is best known for: stunning beaches, exceptional fishing, ancient woodlands, rare wildlife, a rich history, great food and perhaps the most valued of all—personal solitude.

Planes, Trains & Automobiles: Getting to Sebasco Harbor Resort

Depending on where you’re coming from, there are several modes of transportation to consider when heading to our Maine oceanfront resort for your vacation. Whichever one you choose is largely dependent both on the distance you will be traveling and your personal preferences. If you’re over six hours away, chances are that you will be taking a plane—especially if traveling with young children who don’t do well on long car rides. Air travel is available through Portland International Jetport for all commercial jets, as well as the Wiscasset Airport for small, private aircraft. From Portland, we are located 48 miles north, and you can easily arrange for a taxi to bring you the rest of the way or rent a car—especially if you want the chance to explore our neighboring towns.

If you’re departing from Boston, you have a couple of options other than a plane ride. Concord Trailways offers daily trips from Logan Airport and South Station to Bath, Maine, which is only a 12-mile taxi ride from the Phippsburg Peninsula. If you prefer taking the scenic route and enjoy ample leg room, taking a train is always a good option. The Amtrak Downeaster will bring you from North Station to Brunswick, which is about 40 minutes away from Sebasco Harbor Resort.

From the South…

Take Maine Turnpike I-95 to Exit 52 Falmouth to I-295 North. Take Exit 31 Topsham/Lisbon and turn right onto Route 196 East. Continue straight through all lights and proceed north on Route 1 to Bath. In Bath, bear right on Route 209. Follow 209 for 11 miles to Sebasco Road. Follow Sebasco Road for 1.3 miles to Sebasco Harbor Resort.

From the North…

Take Maine Turnpike I-95 to Exit 103 onto I-295. Take Exit 31 Topsham, and turn right onto Route 196 East. Follow as above.

From Downeast…

Take Route 1 to Bath. Take Route 209 Exit (right) off Sagadahoc Bridge.

From Sebasco

Portland—48 miles

Freeport—28 miles

Bath—12 miles

Boston—3 hours

New York City—6 hours

Visit our Directions to Sebasco Harbor Resort page for an interactive Google map, GPS-ready address, and a link to additional Portland, Maine area travel resources.

Come find solitude in our surroundings. To check availability, click or call Sebasco Harbor Resort today and make your reservations today.


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