Top Five Tips On Finding A Family Reunion Resort

Planning a family reunion is no easy task. The responsibility of finding a location suitable for the needs and preferences of everyone involved is a heavy load to carry—and one that can prove overwhelming for many people. If you’re planning a family reunion, Sebasco Harbor Resort can help. Here are our top five tips for making your life a little easier and creating a memorable event everyone can enjoy.

1. Choose a spot with something for everyone.

Family reunions are generally marked by several generations of family, so it’s important to find a spot that has something appealing for everyone. Young kids need plenty of age-appropriate activities to keep them both busy and happy, just as adults need activities suitable for their age group. It’s also worthwhile to look for resorts offering activities that the entire group can enjoy together. After all, the point of family reunions is to spend quality time with one another.

2. Pick a location that caters to family reunions

When you’re traveling with a group of people composed in age from toddlers to grandparents, you want to stay at a resort that’s experienced in accommodating a wide range of needs. Resorts that specialize in catering to large groups and place emphasis on promoting family time are your best bet to making sure everyone has a vacation that is as enjoyable as it is memorable.

3. Make sure there are backup activities available in the event of bad weather.

Nature doesn’t always cooperate, so it is wise to have alternate activities in mind should inclement weather present itself. Staying at a resort that offers an abundance of indoor activities will save you from scrambling at the last minute to find entertainment for restless kids. Even better is staying at a resort that not only offers activities on site, but also is located just a short distance from family-friendly attractions and museums. Having plenty of options is always a good thing when you’re traveling with a large group.

4. Pick a family reunion resort with historical significance.

When considering family reunion vacation ideas, think about staying at a resort that is in close proximity to attractions of national historical significance. The reason? It provides a great opportunity for all ages to open their eyes to new and fascinating facts about the background this country. A great way to learn and develop an appreciation for history is to see historical areas firsthand. Why not add an educational component to your vacation?

5. Find an all-inclusive family reunion location that simplifies your planning.

There are many decisions to factor in when planning your family reunion, and the larger the group, the more complicated they can be. Finding accommodations, planning meals, organizing daily activities and finding transportation are a few of the most important aspects of successful family reunion vacation planning. Choosing an all-inclusive resort is the easiest way to simplify your trip – so that you can spend time with family instead of attending to the minutiae of the day.

When it comes to great family reunion locations, Sebasco Harbor Resort can’t be beat. For 84 seasons, families have spent quality time with one another surrounded by one of the country’s most naturally beautiful backdrops. Everything you could possibly need for your family reunion is here—and we’re more than happy to help you with the planning process. We offer a wide variety of accommodation options, recreational sports, a full service spa, first-class dining options and an abundance of events and Maine resort activities all designed to bring you and your family closer together. Whether you choose to stay on the resort grounds throughout the entirety of your trip or decide to explore the Maine’s Midcoast, there are plenty of unique opportunities just a hop, skip and jump away. Make your family reunion truly exceptional by choosing Sebasco as your Maine vacation destination!