Step Up And Swing! 5 Reasons To Visit A Maine Golf Resort

For many, swinging away at a scenic golf course is a vacation must. Perfectly playable greens and fairways are easy to seek out, but, from where we stand, none score a proverbial hole-in-one like Maine golf resorts. Picturesque ocean vistas, invigorating saltwater breezes, and proximity to the rest of Vacationland’s best and brightest (succulent lobster, anyone?) put midcoast Maine at the tip-top of the golf getaway leaderboard.

Sebasco Harbor golf course — Maine golf resorts

5 Reasons To Take A Swing At A Maine Golf Resort

1. Vacationland Views Are Ripe For The Gazing

Aerial view of the golf course at Sebasco Harbor, a Maine golf resort.

Prolonged gazing at oceans or mountains is a given in midcoast Maine, but those Vacationland views are even sweeter between swings. Situated on the coast of Casco Bay, our golf course is known for its alluring water views and lush forests. Leaf peepers, time your visit right, and you’ll be ooh-ing and aah-ing your way through vibrant reds and oranges around every fairway at our Maine golf resort.

2. Golfing Here Means Going With The Flow (Literally)

After teeing off for the umpteenth time, it’s natural to feel as though you’ve witnessed everything a golfing green can throw your way. But if you’ve yet to take a swing in midcoast Maine, you’re in for a new type of test: a hole that changes depending on the tide. Typical golf courses may threaten a game with a measly pond, but your approach to our 145-yard second hole will vary depending on how high the tide is when you cruise to the course.

Combined with three-tiered terrain that demands distance precision from the get-go, our second hole is the leading topic of chatter among golfers convening at The Ledges Pub.

3. Varied Terrain Lets You Sharpen Skills From Putting To Driving

Golfer swinging on the green at Sebasco Harbor, a Maine golf resort.Let’s face it — not all of us have attained pro status. The greatest Maine golf resorts are equally as approachable to newbies as they are to seasoned swingers, and that’s where our simple, 3-hole lake course comes in. Just like the saltwater air that flows through it, this regulation-length course can be as easy and breezy as you’d like to make it. You can also polish up your putting prowess on the 9-hole putting course or practice on the pitching range — these areas double as an excellent environment for kids to take their first swing (if they’re not too busy playing camp games or hunting for treasure on a pirate cruise, that is).

4. Resort Amenities Are A Putt’s Distance Away

Many of us golfers live for the peace and quiet of the green, but the greatest hallmark of Maine golf resorts may be what’s beyond the course. Typically, a golfing green may be situated a ways away from the rest of Maine golf resort amenities, but here at Sebasco, all the perks are adjacent to the course. With your getaway needs and activities are just a putt’s distance from the tee ground, we fully retain every ounce of the Pure Maine experience (that includes the “away from it all” feeling).

5. Maine Golf Packages Take The Work Out Of Planning

The green at Sebasco Harbor, a midcoast Maine golf resort.Whether you’re a longtime golfing guru or you’ve yet to carry a club, our staff rolls out the welcome turf for every variety of golfer — and our Maine golf packages do the same. A package can take the work out of vacation planning, save you buck or two with dining or lodging deals, and, most importantly, allow you to golf to your heart’s content with all-you-can-swing access to the green.

The Sebasco Harbor Resort Golf Club consists of three regulation-length golf courses, including the Lake Course, a 145 yard par 3 second hole, and a 510 yard par 5 finishing hole.