7 Best Features Of An All-Inclusive Resort In Maine

Midcoast Maine’s list of “musts” is as lengthy as a line at an understaffed seafood shack in the middle of July. Sinking your fork into succulent lobster, cruising on a coastal boat tour, watching the sunset over a rocky coastline…single-handedly squeezing all of Maine’s merits into one visit is quite the feat. That’s when an all-inclusive resort really comes to the rescue. Explore the most favored features of an all-inclusive resort in Maine, brimming with attractions and qualities that give our state its Vacationland title.

Sebasco Harbor, an all inclusive resort in Maine.

7 Best Features Of An All-Inclusive Resort In Maine

1. Everything’s Just A Seaside Stroll Away

We’ll be the first to admit it: midcoast attractions aren’t exactly door-to-door. Walking around an all-inclusive Maine resort, though, is a convenience and an experience in one. Grab a treat from Sweet Scoops, our summer ice cream stand, and stroll straight to the harbor to watch the ships roll by — saunter over to our saltwater pool from the comfort of your hotel room.

2. Pure Maine Flavors

A succulent lobster meal at Sebasco, all inclusive resort in Maine.Freshly caught seafood is a staple of Maine — and a resort puts those seafaring tastes front and center. Sebasco Harbor is home to two on-site eateries, the Pilot House Restaurant and The Ledges Pub, and many of our spirited gatherings are centered around our most celebrated crustacean (like the famous Sebasco Harbor Lobster Bake, held each week during the summer).

Parents, we understand how hustling kids from hotel to car to restaurant multiple days a week isn’t exactly a peaceful prelude to supper. Dodging a stressful scenario with our Family Meal Plan hits the spot for kids and parents alike.

3. The Remote Feeling

Sometimes, your goal for a getaway is to truly get away. Sebasco Harbor is tucked away in the heart of Maine’s midcoast on the Phippsburg peninsula, with nothing but Vacationland views outside our all-inclusive resort. Don’t mistake our secluded location for a lack of Maine’s best and brightest — with lobster-centric summer activities and a busy hub for boating and watersports, privacy and energy live in harmony here to keep the adventurous nature of a Sebasco getaway strong. And at only 2.5 hours from Boston, our slice of the Midcoast feels much more remote than it actually is.

4. Cottages That Retain The Comforts Of Home

No ocean lover will be disappointed by the sweeping Atlantic views in a Lighthouse room, but many see a humble, rustic cottage as the epitome of Maine. Be it by whipping up a family meal in the comforts a full kitchen or kitchenette, relaxing on a private patio or lawn space, or keeping cozy by a fieldstone fireplace, a cottage is where the Maine experience truly comes ashore.

5. Maine-Centric Activities For Every Age Group

Paddleboarding at Sebasco Harbor, all inclusive resort in Maine.All too often on a family getaway, at least one member of the crew feels like they’ve drawn the short end of the stick. Luckily, there’s no short-ended sticks to be found in the Midcoast (and not just because of our dense deciduous forests). While youngin’s are learning all about Maine sea creatures at Camp Merritt, parents can unwind at Fairwinds Spa or the golf course, two resort features that are well worth the added expense. Even teenagers, who tend to roll their eyes at the mere mention of a family vacation, can make a splash with kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding.

6. Nostalgia-Inducing Indoor Activities

Don’t get us wrong: spending time on the water is highly encouraged, but at an all-inclusive resort in Maine, you don’t need to rely on boats and paddleboards to fill your entire Vacationland itinerary. With a rustic recreation center like our Quarterdeck at your doorstep, you can knock down a few pins, host a family ping pong tournament, or jam out to tunes from the jukebox.

7. Activity Schedules & Packages Make Planning A Cinch

We know — vacation planning can be a little daunting to dive into. But an all-inclusive resort knows how to take the stress away from the planning process (and it helps that we’ve fine-tuned our Sebasco traditions over the decades). Our daily summer activity schedules are a boon to the tired folks trying to organize a family vacation, and our specials & packages are as diverse and all-encompassing as our oceanside resort itself.