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Massages at Fairwinds Spa

All of our massages are performed by highly trained Licensed Massage Therapists. Any of our massages can be combined to be a couple’s massage.

This is our signature Swedish massage, designed for your relaxation, stress reduction, and relief from muscle tension. This massage uses light to medium pressure strokes and movements to achieve the ultimate relaxation experience.

This massage is customized to your individual needs and targets specific areas of tension. In this massage medium to firm pressure techniques along with stretching, aids in reducing chronic muscular pain and releases muscle tension.

Discover the sensation of warm stones placed on key points. Relax the muscles and loosen tissue for deeper relaxation.

A specially designed massage for the expecting parent in their second or third trimester. This massage is performed in a side-lying position. The Therapist will address back strain, foot tension, and any other discomforts commonly associated with pregnancy.

*Please note that you must have completed your first trimester to receive this service.

Enjoy a relaxing Couples massage in our beautiful suite overlooking the ocean.

60 minute Fairwinds Massage & Harborview Salt Scrub.

$180.00 (approximately 2 hours)

60 minute Fairwinds Massage or Facial followed by a Manicure & Pedicure.

$220.00 (approximately 2 hours)

Hand Rejuvenation $35.00

Foot Rejuvenation $35.00

Hair & Scalp Rejuvenation $35.00

Foot Massage: Relaxing Foot Massage $30.00

                        Targeted Foot Massage $40.00

CBD Massage $45.00

Sinus Relief Massage $45.00

Aromatherapy Blended Oil or Lotion $35.00

Manicures and Pedicures

Our nail service are not just a manicure or pedicure, they are an experience. Breath-taking views and relaxing music enhance your experience as you soak in a rejuvenating sea salt and aromatherapy soak. We then shape your nails to your liking, exfoliate and then thoroughly massage your hands and/or feet. We finish off the service by applying a high quality polish of your choosing ( If you don’t want polish, we will buff your nails to a shine that gives you a natural well groomed look.

Soak, shape, cuticle care, scrub and massage, finish off with polish or buff.

Our signature service designed for our guest 12 years old and under.

Soak, shape and polish or buff.


Gently cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate and moisturize. Steam/hot towels are used to enhance the hydration.

Note: Call to discuss extractions during the facial procedures 207-371-5100

Choose from our selection of aromatherapy oils. This customized facial benefits your skin while providing an uplifting scent experience.

Body Treatments

Immerse yourself in luxury with this full body treatment. Sea salt infused with green tea gently exfoliates and hydrates while enveloping you in the refreshing scent of mint green tea. Finish with a massage of oil infused with essential oils to stimulate and rejuvenate.

A luxurious treatment designed to stimulate blood circulation, hydrate skin, and improve elasticity. Begin with a full body exfoliation, followed by a seaweed mud mask; wrap all that in a warm hydrating cocoon for the ultimate relaxation.

This nourishing and moisturizing treatment is inspired by the local abundance of Rosa Rugosa. This intensely hydrating body ritual includes a gentle exfoliation followed by a layering of hydration to restore and renew your skin.

Energy Work

A system that employs subtle movements to release nervous system tension. This can be very relaxing. It is beneficial for headache and neck pain.

This massage-like energetic treatment seeks to bring harmony to the mind and body. Through balancing body’s poles and elements, a state of calm is restored.

Reiki attempts to release energetic blockages and stagnation. The channeling of this energy creates physical and emotional balance.

Foot Soak

Enjoy a pot of freshly brewed tea and the revitalizing benefits of a Fairwinds foot soak. We employ a combination of specialized herbs to heal sore and tired feet.

CBD Foot Soak $15.00

Foot Scrub $15.00

Foot Massage: Relaxing $30.00 (20 min)/$60.00 (40 min)

                        Targeted $40.00 (20 min) / $80.00 (40 min)

Head and Neck Massage: $40.00 (20 min) / $80.00 (40 min)