Sebasco Love Story

For 88 years, we’ve considered ourselves a place of love, and it seems quite a few of you agree. Like many of our guests over the years, Melissa and Geoff have kept Sebasco in their hearts since the day they said “I do.”

In the spirit of spring romance, we’ve asked them to share their epic, 17-year-long Sebasco story.

sebasco family love storyHow did you first meet?

We met after college at a party called the “Second Chance Prom.” It was an 80’s theme party — we were both dressed up. We still have a “Second Chance Prom” champagne flute in our cabinet at home.

What made you choose Sebasco for your wedding?

Geoff’s family is spread-out across the US and Melissa’s family live in a small town in Central Massachusetts. We liked the idea of hosting a weekend getaway that focused on everyone spending time together. We visited Sebasco for the first time in the dead of winter. It was freezing cold, and we knew it would be perfect.

Set the scene: where on the property did you get married?happy couple - sebasco

We were married on the pool lawn in the late afternoon. The backdrop of Casco Bay was beautiful — and very calming for an anxious bride! The reception was held in the Cornelius Room. My favorite memory of our wedding day is standing outside the Cornelius Room, looking in through the windows at our families and friends dancing together.

What is it about Sebasco that keeps you coming back year after year?happy sebasco family

17 years later, Sebasco is still a place where we enjoy spending time together. Every year, we print out the activity schedule and the kids map-out our week: swimming, kick ball, paddle boarding. Sebasco is — and always will be — a special place to us because of the memories we’ve made here.

What’s your favorite Sebasco memory?happy sebasco girls

Every year when we pull into the parking lot and before we check-in, the kids run over to the ring toss. It’s a competition to see who can hook the ring first. After all these years, they’ve learned some tricks.

The past 2 years, our 9 year old Cassidy has been the first to get the ring on the hook. She’s an expert. But don’t bother asking her for any tips — she will never tell.