One Word: Family

A Message from the Lighthouse Keeper

bob-and-family Sebasco

As Lori and I head into our 19th year as stewards of this beautiful place, it is hard not to reminisce about all the joy we have had since our first season here. As we talked over this last holiday weekend, conversations always drifted back to our wonderful times here as an extended family. With the arrival of Kelsey’s and Ian’s son, Eric, we understand even more, as new grandparents, the importance of a family gathering. We are so proud to have made so many good friends over the years as they have gathered their families here at Sebasco. Thank you for your faith in us, in good times and bad, and entrusting your special family time to us and our wonderful team.

Now that we’ve weathered this last economic storm, I want to thank my Sebasco family for their dedication to making your vacation experience so special.

To my partner, Michael Lynch, thank you for carrying on the tradition here. It’s been wonderful to watch your girls Michaella, Carli and Regan grow up here. Now I get to watch them work for dad and share the occasional heartburn I used to get when Mallory and Kelsey worked for me not so long ago. Ditto for Melissa’s girls, Zoe and Olivia. We all praise Kathy, our HR director, for being the buffer and keeping us from losing our minds during the teenage years.

Our ambassadors, Jean Marshall and Lew Kingsbury, still take time to come visit old friends. John and Owen Totman, who have kept this place working for over 50 years, refuse to transition to ambassador status. Jane Gagne’s happy voice welcomes your calls all winter and we all marvel as the next generation of the Sebasco management team, Cat, Max, Anthony, Chef Isaac, and John, carry the torch forward.

It’s been quite a winter but opening day is less than a month away. Halleluiah!

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