Looking for creative brainstorming and powerful teambuilding sessions in Maine? We’ll help you select and conduct numerous fun and energizing group activities. We can work with you to create your own content, and design learning activities that are accessible and enjoyable, tailored to meet your group’s unique objectives.

Here is just a sample of what you and your group can do at Sebasco:

Golf Scramble Tournament – Each team play a scramble, best ball format. Prizes can be awarded for the longest drive, closest to the pin and lowest overall score.

Tennis Round Robin – for those tennis lovers in your group.

Candlepin Bowling & Ping Pong Tournaments – Sebasco’s Quarterdeck Recreation Center is the perfect place to unwind after a long day of meetings. You can crank up some oldies on our jukebox and get into some serious bowling or ping pong. There’s something for everyone here, including pool, foosball, air hockey and video games.

Scavenger Hunt – Teams meet on the Village Green and are given a resort map and a scavenger list. The first team to complete the list wins. With over 500 acres we can make this as simple or difficult as you’d like.

Beach Ball Drive – Teams tee off on an elevated tee on the golf course. Each team’s members take turns driving the beach ball and the distance is measured. The team with the longest cumulative drive wins.

Bike Race – One member from each team starts at a designated spot, bikes along a marked trail. At the completion of the trail, the bike is turned over to the next team member to repeat action until all members have completed the trail. The first team to successfully complete the course wins.

Duck Toss – Teams line up at the shallow end of the pool and toss as many rubber ducks as possible into a hoop that is being guided by another team member in the pool. The team that gets the most ducks inside their hoop wins.

Horseshoe Toss – A competitive game of Horseshoes. The team with the highest score wins.