A Maine Family Resort For All Ages

It is rare these days to discover a Maine family resort that appeals to both younger and older generations – a place where old-fashioned traditions still feel fresh and new; a place where recreation is encouraged and a wondrous landscape that begs to be explored.

The longing for simplicity and a return to a time when spending the entire day outside with the family was the norm has become a common desire. Our lives have become consumed by screens, and smart phones, TVs, tablets, and computers continuously demand our attention. By keeping us in a state of constant stimulation, they distract us and take us further away from the things and the people that are the most important. The technology robs us of our ability to just be present. Only when we pry ourselves away from the world of digital media can we fully see the beauty surrounding us and appreciate the relationships upon which the foundations of our lives are rooted.

It is that realization, the one that says it is time to get away from it all and give something precious back to yourself and your family; your undivided attention. That means it’s time to book a vacation that will clear your mind and take you back to a world reminiscent of yesteryear. And to do that, you won’t find a better place in Maine than Sebasco Harbor Resort.

More than your garden-variety family fun

Since Sebasco Harbor Resort first opened its doors in 1930, it has served as the perfect backdrop for families to connect—and reconnect. The unique history and activities offered to guests are not what you’ll find at the many run-of-the-mill resorts across the country. This is truly a Maine family vacation resort with daily and weekly scheduled activities that not only encourage quality family bonding, but also facilitate the creation of new friendships with other families.

Spend the day with your loved ones enjoying a scenic nature cruise aboard the Ruth or watch your children’s eyes light up with excitement when they find hidden treasure on a family Pirate Adventure. The evenings are prime time for old-fashioned fun. The Quarterdeck Recreation Center has long been a family favorite—complete with jukebox, it offers vintage candlepin bowling, Ping-Pong tables, billiards, shuffleboard, pinball, foosball and air hockey. These vintage games strengthen family bonds through wholesome competition, and are certainly a far cry from the screen-driven games of today. Imagine a warm, ocean breeze-filled summer evening where the sound of laughter and the smell of S’mores roasting over a crackling bonfire set the atmosphere. When you’re here, nothing is too good to be true.

Summer fun with a some traditional favorites to savor

When Nathan Cushman founded Sebasco, he wanted to create a “village-style” Maine resort that inspired guests to partake in recreational activities. His vision was a success and has proven the test of time. Sebasco Harbor Resort boasts 550 acres that allow guests to feel a sense of privacy and enjoy plenty of personal space. There are a variety of gathering spaces on the property where families can spend time together and engage in unique activities. Play a game of croquet on the lush lawn overlooking Casco Bay before taking a dip in the Olympic-sized saltwater pool, introduce your kids to the game of golf on the three-hole lake golf course, or take a family hike on the resort’s surrounding grounds. Once you’ve worked up an appetite, stroll over to The Ledges to savor a delicious lunch of traditional Maine fare with a modern flair while overlooking the pristine harbor. For dessert, the handmade ice cream at the Patio Café on the gorgeous Village Green is truly unbeatable. When it comes to classic Maine family resorts, there is no competition.

No trip to Maine would be complete without experiencing a true Maine lobster bake or a traditional Blueberry Pancake Breakfast, both of which are weekly traditions here. Summers are made for having fun and creating lifelong family memories—and some of the very best experiences to be had are right here at our great family resort in Maine. What’s old is new again here at Sebasco Harbor Resort, and that rare quality is perhaps the most beloved aspect of this enchanting getaway.