Lighthouse Notes – January

bob with flag - sebascoWorking at a seasonal resort does have its perks.

One of the most frequent questions I get all the time is “What do you do all winter, go to Florida?” I can understand why people ask the question. We’re closed, so why not. However, Sebasco is a busy place in the off season.

Not an off season goes by without renovations all around the resort. We certainly like hearing our guests express their appreciation when they return and see the changes. Adding 60 or 70 new members to the staff for each season takes a little planning and training. And nothing seems to keep those annoying people we call customers from calling all the time, waking us up from our naps.

All kidding aside, it does give us all an opportunity to catch up with our families and our lives. The 24/7 business when we are open means lots of long hours spent away from the family. Our off season allows us to enjoy the nights, weekends and holidays that many of our jealous hospitality brethren have to work.

When you are here, we are here. We don’t take vacation days during the season. Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, even Columbus Day, are not holidays for our hard working staff. But if you call us on Thanksgiving, or anytime that weekend, you probably have to leave a message. I hope you understand.

Thanks for your continued loyalty. And Happy Arbor Day.