Go On A Pirate Adventure At A Maine Resort

Sebasco pirateA Maine vacation is unlike any other, and a Maine vacation at Sebasco Harbor Resort is undeniably unforgettable. The abundance of amenities and activities is what sets us apart from other Maine resorts, and it’s why many of our guests return year after year. As soon as you check in, it’s clear that this is no ordinary vacation destination. What we offer is not just a location, but an experience. We provide everything you and your family could possibly need to have the most memorable and enjoyable trip possible—and our unique Pirate Cruise is a perfect example of that.

Arrrre you ready to find some treasure?

The adventure kicks off on board the resort’s very own wooden tour boat, the Ruth. Between 12-16 kids and family members hop on, teams are made, and clues and treasure maps to help the teams locate One Eyed Willy’s Treasure are handed out. Once the boat lands on Harbor Island, the teams head off to solve the mystery of the treasure’s whereabouts. Kids work together by problem solving within their group. The first team to find and unlock the treasure chest first is awarded a pirate’s flag and given the official title of the “Buccaneers of the Ruth” upon their return to the resort. On this adventure, pirate bounty (and the occasional ice cream voucher) are distributed to the entire crew.

This is one swashbuckling experience your child will be raving about for weeks. It’s a wonderful opportunity for them to make new friends and build patience through good old-fashioned teamwork. Group activities like this, which are active and encourage children to use their critical thinking skills, are some of the best ways to boost confidence and build self-esteem. Few things are as exciting for kids as a treasure hunt, let alone a treasure hunt that includes a real live pirate, an ocean journey on a wooden boat, an island on which to explore, and real treasure at the end of the search. Most importantly for the young privateers, it’s just plain old fashioned good fun!

Everything about Sebasco Harbor Resort makes us a family friendly Maine resort. Since we first opened our doors 84 years ago, our goal was to make Sebasco a place where lifelong memories are created and families come together. We offer so many activities because we understand it is through play that loved ones build stronger bonds.

At Sebasco, we believe you should have plenty of chances to do something you’ve never done before, and see something you’ve never seen before. In short, we provide a backdrop that allows you to view life in an entirely different way. Life is full of complexities and problems, and it’s necessary to step back and take a break from time to time. At Sebasco Harbor Resort, we give you that well-deserved break by surrounding you with life’s simple forgotten pleasures. We know what’s important to our guests, and we know how to create experiences that bring forth a sense of wellbeing and camaraderie. Everything you want and need in a vacation is waiting for you at this remarkable family resort in Maine. Let your curiosity get the best of you and make reservations for your upcoming family vacation today!

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