The Five Most Unique Things About Sebasco

I subscribe to a lot of travel web sites.

I get daily updates from one of more of those sites every single day. I can’t help myself. I have a deep curiosity for travel related topics that is hard to quench, especially about Maine and New England.

The most fascinating, and sometimes annoying, emails or posts are the list ones. Some sources do it well, like Condé Nast Traveler, which rarely sends an email that I don’t open. Other sources just seem to make things up, with no real insight or research on the topic they claim to know.

So I decided to do my own list. It’s based on over 20 years of experience with feedback from hundreds, maybe even thousands of sources, mostly current and past guests of our lovely resort. Enjoy.

The Five Most Unique Things About Sebasco

Cruise On The Ruth, Boat At Sebasco Harbor Resort5. The Ruth

Built in 1930, The Ruth is the longest continuously operating tour boat on the coast of Maine. Thousands of guests have enjoyed sunsets in the middle of Casco Bay. Thousands of children have enjoyed our pirate trip to Harbor Island. It defines classic.

4. Round Cove

This beautiful bowl of the Atlantic Ocean empties out every day at low tide, making it a wonderful laboratory to explore marine life. When the tide comes in, after the sun bakes up the empty bottom, it’s one of the warmest places to swim in the ocean in Maine.

3. The Second Hole of our Golf Course

This diabolical gem, with its three tiered green, demands distance precision. A shot just 10 yards past the pin almost guarantees a bogey. Many wonder why we just don’t put a windmill somewhere on the green.

Exterior Of Harborview Cottage | Sebasco Harbor Resort Accommodations2. Two Cottages That Sleep Twenty People

If you are a family that truly enjoys each other company, there is nothing better than gathering all under one roof at Early Bird or Shore Ledges.

1. The Ring Toss Game

As the Bruno’s reminded us last month, our ring toss at Sebasco can be one of the most addicting and competitive activities at the resort. I’ve never seen anything like it anywhere else in the world, which means that I think we need to host the World Ring Toss Championship sometime this summer. I’ll get to work on that.

As usual, all lists are open to criticism or even outright scorn. Some will think it blasphemous to have excluded the Lighthouse, Merritt Mountain, the Quarterdeck, the Clipper or even our pool, the largest salt water pool on the coast of New England. But someone told us this week that 5 was the magic number when doing lists. I welcome any feedback or suggestions at