Close-up of man reading a map overlooking the forest near Sebasco Harbor Resort
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Discover the best of Maine's coastal treasures within a short drive from Sebasco Harbor Resort. From pristine beaches to historic landmarks, our curated list of the top 9 destinations within 9 miles ensures an unforgettable experience just around the corner.

Natural Seawall with a skyline view at Reid State Park near Ogunquit Collection

Reid State Park

Enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, including hiking trails, picnicking, and stunning coastal views. (9 mi.)

Close-up of mini chocolate bars served at Maine’s Chocolate Trail near Ogunquit Collection

Maine’s Chocolate Trail

Indulge in a delicious tour, discovering local chocolatiers and their delectable treats. (9 mi)

Sea waves on a beach in Sandy Cove Beach near Ogunquit Collection

Sandy Cove Beach

Relax on this tranquil beach, perfect for a peaceful day by the water or a leisurely stroll. (6 mi.)

Aerial view of Bath Iron Works shipyard near Ogunquit Collection

Bath Iron Works

Take a guided tour to witness the construction of Navy destroyers at one of the nation's most renowned shipyards. (8 mi.)

Doubling Point Lighthouse in Rafael Macias near Ogunquit Collection

Doubling Point Lighthouse

Visit this charming lighthouse, steeped in history and located on the Kennebec River. (9 mi.)

Exterior view with garden area of Maine Maritime Museum near Ogunquit Collection

Maine Maritime Museum

Immerse yourself in the maritime history of Maine through interactive exhibits and historic vessels. (8 mi.)

A bench and green garden with flowers in Popham Beach State Park near Ogunquit Collection

Popham Beach State Park

Explore the beautiful sandy shores, go for a swim, or take a walk along the picturesque coastline (7 mi.)

Evening skyline view over Sequin Island Lighthouse near Ogunquit Collection

Sequin Island Lighthouse

Take a boat tour to visit Maine's second-oldest lighthouse, offering panoramic views of the coast.(5 mi by boat)

Exterior of historical Fort Popham with skyline view near Ogunquit Collection

Fort Popham

Discover the historical significance of this 19th-century fortification and enjoy stunning views of the Kennebec River. (7 mi)

Ladies walking towards the hotel on a sunny day at Sebasco Harbor Resort

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