Cruising Maine Resort Style on the Ruth

Launched in 1935, the Ruth is the oldest continuous operating passenger vessel in Maine—and it just happens to be Sebasco Harbor Resort’s very own tour boat. In a time when it seems the emphasis is placed on the mass cookie-cutter production of inexpensive vessels, it’s a real treat to cruise the ocean aboard this classic 38-foot wooden boat.

Wooden boats are truly a sight to behold, and their importance in our seafaring history is unmatched. They are reminiscent of a simpler time and evoke a sense of nostalgia in all those who get a chance to see them up close. What makes wooden boats so beautiful is not just their impressive exteriors, but also the craftsmanship that went into their construction. These vessels were designed to reflect the local maritime heritage and were built to last through the harshest ocean conditions. Wooden ships like the Ruth are a testament to our rich boat-building past and exemplify a quality of work and attention to detail that is becoming increasingly rare in today’s society. Sure, you can find plenty of places offering boat rides across the state, but if you want a truly unique ride on a ship with a soul, grab the family and come aboard the Ruth.

Sebasco Harbor Resort is an exceptional oceanfront Maine Resort engulfed in the rich history of its surrounding coastal community. The past is very much alive in this region—and it is one of the many reasons why visitors and locals flock to the area. Taking a cruise aboard The Ruth is one of the best ways to see some of the most charming islands and fishing villages the state boasts. At Sebasco, there are plenty of memorable cruises offered, but the three most popular are the Scenic Nature and Harbor Cruise, the Maine Lobstering and Fishing Cruise and the Pirate Cruise.

Step back into time on the Scenic Nature and Harbor Cruise

Midcoast Maine is home to an abundance of wildlife, unique landscapes and pristine island communities. The Scenic Cruise offers an unbeatable glimpse of the spots that showcase our pure Maine heritage in all its glory. While aboard the Ruth, you will pass by gorgeous Sebasco Village and West Point and get the chance to explore the oldest commercial fishing village in the state, Cundy’s Harbor. Once the boat is docked, you’re free to stroll through the tiny community, enjoy a delicious lunch while overlooking the busy harbor, and perhaps even purchase a nice bottle of wine at one of the general stores. On your way back to the resort, you might very well see some harbor seals, blue heron, ospreys or eagles. This day trip is a great family activity that everyone will enjoy, and it’s a wonderful way to experience the true essence of Maine.

Take a peek into the daily lives of Maine lobstermen on the Lobstering and Fishing Cruise

Everyone knows that Maine is synonymous with lobster, but few people know just how lobsters make their way from the sea to plate. Luckily, Sebasco Harbor Resort is the only resort in Maine that provides you with the chance to learn how lobstermen and fishermen here spend their days. Passengers will cruise through the local fishing villages of Casco Bay, see a wide variety of working boats, and learn how they work. It’s one of the most fascinating and memorable boating excursions you and your family will take, so when you’re here, Sebasco’s Lobstering and Fishing Cruise should definitely be at the top of your list. You’ll soon discover (and appreciate) the dedication and hard work behind every lobster meal.

Enjoy family fun at its finest on Sebasco’s Pirate Cruise

No matter your age, you will definitely have a blast on this unique boating adventure, and that is why it is so beloved by guests and locals alike. Hop onboard the Ruth and help Sebasco’s very own pirate, Captain Cornelius, locate his sunken ship and buried treasure. You’ll feel like a child again as you watch your kids’ eyes light up when they are rewarded for doing their part to solve the mystery with some of the treasure. This is one cruise that should not be passed up when staying at this family friendly Maine resort.

When it comes to Maine resorts, Sebasco Harbor Resort is your spot for exciting family-oriented activities. There is so much to see and do here that, during your stay, you’ll never once hear your children complain of boredom. You don’t need to be a guest of the resort to take advantage of the many cruises, either. However, you do need to call ahead for reservations, as available spots fill up quickly. Experience pure Maine on one of the Ruth’s exciting excursions. We’ll save you a seat!