Top Five Tips On Finding A Family Reunion Resort

Planning a family reunion is no easy task. The responsibility of finding a location suitable for the needs and preferences of everyone involved is a heavy load to carry—and one that can prove overwhelming for many people. If you’re planning a family reunion, Sebasco Harbor Resort can help. Here are our top five tips for making your life a little easier and creating a memorable event everyone can enjoy.

1. Choose a spot with something for everyone.

Family reunions are generally marked by several generations of family, so it’s important to find a spot that has something appealing for everyone. Young kids need plenty of age-appropriate activities to keep them both busy and happy, just as adults need activities suitable for their age group. It’s also worthwhile to look for resorts offering activities that the entire group can enjoy together. After all, the point of family reunions is to spend quality time with one another.

2. Pick a location that caters to family reunions

When you’re traveling with a group of people composed in age from toddlers to grandparents, you want to stay at a resort that’s experienced in accommodating a wide range of needs. Resorts that specialize in catering to large groups and place emphasis on promoting family time are your best bet to making sure everyone has a vacation that is as enjoyable as it is memorable.

3. Make sure there are backup activities available in the event of bad weather.

Nature doesn’t always cooperate, so it is wise to have alternate activities in mind should inclement weather present itself. Staying at a resort that offers an abundance of indoor activities will save you from scrambling at the last minute to find entertainment for restless kids. Even better is staying at a resort that not only offers activities on site, but also is located just a short distance from family-friendly attractions and museums. Having plenty of options is always a good thing when you’re traveling with a large group.

4. Pick a family reunion resort with historical significance.

When considering family reunion vacation ideas, think about staying at a resort that is in close proximity to attractions of national historical significance. The reason? It provides a great opportunity for all ages to open their eyes to new and fascinating facts about the background this country. A great way to learn and develop an appreciation for history is to see historical areas firsthand. Why not add an educational component to your vacation?

5. Find an all-inclusive family reunion location that simplifies your planning.

There are many decisions to factor in when planning your family reunion, and the larger the group, the more complicated they can be. Finding accommodations, planning meals, organizing daily activities and finding transportation are a few of the most important aspects of successful family reunion vacation planning. Choosing an all-inclusive resort is the easiest way to simplify your trip – so that you can spend time with family instead of attending to the minutiae of the day.

When it comes to great family reunion locations, Sebasco Harbor Resort can’t be beat. For 84 seasons, families have spent quality time with one another surrounded by one of the country’s most naturally beautiful backdrops. Everything you could possibly need for your family reunion is here—and we’re more than happy to help you with the planning process. We offer a wide variety of accommodation options, recreational sports, a full service spa, first-class dining options and an abundance of events and Maine resort activities all designed to bring you and your family closer together. Whether you choose to stay on the resort grounds throughout the entirety of your trip or decide to explore the Maine’s Midcoast, there are plenty of unique opportunities just a hop, skip and jump away. Make your family reunion truly exceptional by choosing Sebasco as your Maine vacation destination!

Take a Romantic Pre-Season Getaway!

Come summertime, Maine becomes one of the best – and most popular vacation spots around. Why not beat the crowds and head to Sebasco Harbor Resort before the summer kicks into high gear? Tourists and locals (yes to the staycation!) alike have the opportunity to take advantage of our unbeatable pre-season rates and book a memorable romantic getaway today!

Why wait until July? The weather is great right now for a vacation!

After a long cold winter, Maine quickly starts to make up for lost time during spring. As early as May, the weather can bring us beautifully warm and picturesque days – perfect for couples to spend the day exploring the Maine coastline. In fact, if you decide to spend your Maine vacation here, you don’t need to walk much beyond your door to experience that breathtaking ocean view you’re craving.

As a premiere Maine vacation resort destination, Sebasco Harbor Resort sits on

550 acres of Maine’s Midcoast. We have rocky coastline, beautiful woodlands, and crashing waves at every turn. Whether you choose to go kayaking, take a hike, or use our Sebasco Harbor Resort Golf Course, you’ll realize very quickly that you don’t need a hot summer day to enjoy these outdoor activities. Many of our guests actually prefer cooler temperatures for enjoying a full day outside!

With a pre-season romantic getaway, you can also lock-down another huge perk. When you head into town, you’ll get that VIP front-of-the-line access to the most popular restaurants, shops, museums, and lighthouses that is harder to come by once the summer visitors arrive. Pre-season is a great time to see the sights you want to see, enjoy the crowd-less beaches, and nab the most exclusive reservations.

Putting romance first at Sebasco

So why not take off now for a Maine vacation romantic getaway – whether it’s for one night, a whole weekend, or even a week? It doesn’t need to be a “special occasion” – just wanting to get away is more than enough reason to book your pre-season stay with Sebasco! Since romance is first on the agenda, look at some of our special accommodations for you and your significant other:

The Lighthouse:

Built in 1945 by Nathan Cushman, the original owner of Sebasco, this impressive structure was never intended to be a working lighthouse. However, it has served as a landmark for mariners ever since it was built. Now, many years later, guests have the opportunity to stay in this romantic setting known for its spectacular oceanfront views and incredible sunsets.

Fairwinds Spa Suites:

For couples that want to unwind during their romantic getaway, these suites are designed specifically for luxury and relaxation. Each Fairwinds Spa Suite offers vistas past Harbor Island into Casco Bay and features a king-sized bed, fireplace, walk-in shower, and granite counter-topped kitchenette.

During the day, you can have a massage right in your room at no additional charge. You’ll also receive exclusive nighttime hot tub access after the spa has closed. Of course, don’t forget to book one or many of our signature spa treatments while you’re here, too!

Are you all packed and ready to go?

In addition to our excellent pre-season room rates, please be sure to check out our latest Maine vacation packages for your romantic getaway. For any additional information or to inquire about special requests, give us a call at 877-500-9903. Finally, be sure to sign up for our newsletter, containing all our latest news and special promotions!

When A Writer Returns To His Boyhood Spot…

Writing for US Airways Magazine, John Grossman describes his stay, “Drifting off to sleep, the tang of the ocean air salves my wounded pride at carding a bogey on the cove hole this morning. After the morning fog lifts, the 360-degree view from the fourth-floor observation room dispels any doubts about a return visit (after years away).”

John Grossmann is part of the third generation of his family to vacation at Sebasco Harbor Resort. Starting in the early 1960s Grossmann and his family traveled to the Maine resort each summer. He grew up dressing for dinner and eating every meal at an assigned table in the dining hall. Now a middle-aged adult, Grossmann traveled back to Sebasco on assignment for US Airways Magazine to find out what, if anything, remained of his youthful memories.

During his stay, Grossman found that some of the traditions he remembered had lapsed. In addition to the requirements of dressing for dinner and sitting at assigned tables, gone were old menu standards such as fruit cup and vichyssoise. No longer did staff perform water ballet for guests in the seaside saltwater pool.

However, the seaside saltwater pool remains allowing guests to soak and swim while overlooking the famed rocky coast of Maine. Grossmann noted that croquet is still played on the central lawn, while homemade ice cream is still made in a hand-cranked tub. Candlepin bowling is still a favorite family activity – though modernized with automatic pin setting.

And the lighthouse continues to shine as a novel accommodation option. While Sebasco offers more spacious stays in its cottages and fancier accommodations in newer buildings, Grossmann longed for nights out in the lighthouse. He describes his stay, “Drifting off to sleep, the tang of the ocean air salves my wounded pride at carding a bogey on the cove hole this morning. After the morning fog lifts, the 360-degree view from the fourth-floor observation room dispels any doubts about a return visit (after years away).”

And Grossman noticed the improvements made: “A full service spa awaits. The new Pilot House restaurant offers a splendid view of the boat-filled harbor, and thanks to the north-south jut of the coastal peninsula, stunning sunsets as well. Menus emphasize fresh local ingredients such as Damariscotta oysters and artisanal cheeses and honey. Grossmann happily reports that “the original and rather dowdy nine-hole golf course has been remade, with seven challenging new holes carved from forested land on the resort’s 550 acres.”

In the end, it was the view of the joyful families on the resort grounds that most brought Grossmann’s memories to life. He spoke with one family celebrating a 50th wedding anniversary, and another, led by 60-year-old Meg Sloculm, who first came to Sebasco as a two-year-old and has returned ever summer since. With Sloculm were her three children, three grandsons, and an “undying love of this piece of the Maine coast.”

Read the full US Airways Magazine article.

Making a Splash!

When the temperatures start soaring here in Maine, it’s time to head to the water! So why not spend your summer vacation ocean-side right here at Sebasco Harbor Resort? We offer every water activity you can imagine! Pack up your swimsuit and wetsuit, and embark on a getaway you’ll never forget.


Whether you’re a thrill seeker or a laid-back lounger, the water is your playground here at Sebasco. There are a variety of “water ways” you can spend your summer days here. For the people who want to take it up a notch, you can go surfing at nearby Popham Beach. While you might think that surfers gliding atop ocean waves on bright-colored glossy longboards are just a California thing, think again. Maine has spectacular ocean swells – perfect for novice and experienced surfers alike and our coastal waves are just the ticket for stand-up paddlers (SUPs), too.

If kayaking is more your thing, you’ve come to the right place! We offer a front-row pass to some of the best kayaking spots around – where guests paddle past rustic Maine fishing villages, and explore quiet inlets and secluded islands. We offer plenty of guided tours with knowledgeable experts at our onsite Sebasco Kayaking Center – providing adventure for all ages and all skill levels. If you’d prefer to explore Casco Bay by canoe or paddleboat, you’re in luck – we always have these available for you to use!

And if you’d like to try your hand at navigating the open seas with our team, we offer a full range of pre-scheduled and custom sailing charters aboard our beautiful 46-foot sailing yacht, the Cotinga. It’s one of the best – and most exciting – ways to see our state’s breathtaking coastline.

For the people that want to scale it back and relax

If your day-to-day life is nothing but non-stop activity, you may look to our waterfront Maine vacation resort as the perfect spot to put up your feet, unwind, and soak in the view. Here, you can grab a lounge chair on our oceanfront property and settle in with a good book as the rhythm of gently rolling waves nudge you to relax. If you get too warm, you can always take a dip or spend the day at our beautiful sun warmed saltwater swimming pool located right at the harbor’s edge.

Or if you’re in the mood to venture off the resort for a relaxing day trip, you can spend the afternoon at the beach, go fishing in nearby villages, or enjoy one of our many cruises aboard the Ruth.

Satisfy that hard-earned appetite

Not only is coastal Maine known for its ocean, it’s also earned a reputation as one of the best culinary scenes in the country. After working up an impressive appetite during your full day on the water, make the short trek into town and feast on some of our award-winning dishes – including everything from lobster to fresh-off-the-boat seafood to the local whoopie pie favorite. Of course, there are plenty of nearby museums and local boutiques to enjoy after your meal, too.

With a full belly, it’s time to head back to the resort for a good nights sleep. At Sebasco, we offer our guests uniquely beautiful and spotlessly maintained accommodations. Whether you and your family choose to stay in our Harbor Village Suites, or you and your special someone opt for our romantic accommodations in our historic Lighthouse or Fairwinds Spa Suites, you’ll be sure to get the complete Maine vacation experience here.

And make sure to take the time to enjoy our property (all 550 acres of it) – enjoying an afternoon on the green at our Sebasco Harbor Resort Golf Course or booking a massage and other signature treatments at our Fairwinds Spa!

Are you ready to get in the water?

Maine is the ultimate waterfront vacation destination in the summertime – and everyone knows it! So book early and check out our latest Maine vacation packages for your ultimate getaway. For any additional information or to inquire about special requests, give us a call at 877-500-9903. Finally, be sure to sign up for our newsletter, containing all our latest news and special promotions!

Sebasco Love Story

For 88 years, we’ve considered ourselves a place of love, and it seems quite a few of you agree. Like many of our guests over the years, Melissa and Geoff have kept Sebasco in their hearts since the day they said “I do.”

In the spirit of spring romance, we’ve asked them to share their epic, 17-year-long Sebasco story.

sebasco family love storyHow did you first meet?

We met after college at a party called the “Second Chance Prom.” It was an 80’s theme party — we were both dressed up. We still have a “Second Chance Prom” champagne flute in our cabinet at home.

What made you choose Sebasco for your wedding?

Geoff’s family is spread-out across the US and Melissa’s family live in a small town in Central Massachusetts. We liked the idea of hosting a weekend getaway that focused on everyone spending time together. We visited Sebasco for the first time in the dead of winter. It was freezing cold, and we knew it would be perfect.

Set the scene: where on the property did you get married?happy couple - sebasco

We were married on the pool lawn in the late afternoon. The backdrop of Casco Bay was beautiful — and very calming for an anxious bride! The reception was held in the Cornelius Room. My favorite memory of our wedding day is standing outside the Cornelius Room, looking in through the windows at our families and friends dancing together.

What is it about Sebasco that keeps you coming back year after year?happy sebasco family

17 years later, Sebasco is still a place where we enjoy spending time together. Every year, we print out the activity schedule and the kids map-out our week: swimming, kick ball, paddle boarding. Sebasco is — and always will be — a special place to us because of the memories we’ve made here.

What’s your favorite Sebasco memory?happy sebasco girls

Every year when we pull into the parking lot and before we check-in, the kids run over to the ring toss. It’s a competition to see who can hook the ring first. After all these years, they’ve learned some tricks.

The past 2 years, our 9 year old Cassidy has been the first to get the ring on the hook. She’s an expert. But don’t bother asking her for any tips — she will never tell.





Bridge The Generational Gap

It wasn’t long ago that family reunions were considered the norm rather than the exception, but times have certainly changed. Advancements in technology have made it easier to keep in touch with loved ones, but there are moments when it seems the quality of these interactions has suffered as a consequence. No one can deny the many conveniences of e-mail, cell phones and web-cams when it comes to connecting with extended family. However, the profoundly human element is lost in an overreliance on them

In today’s fast-paced society the need for human connection, especially family connection, is more important than ever before. Our families share the foundations of our lives and the moments that shaped us. Preserving memories roots us to our past, and a great way to relive memories of yesteryear while creating new memories is to make family reunions a priority. Family reunions provide the opportunity to strengthen old family bridges and build new ones.

Great family reunion locations offer modern amenities

Family reunion locations such as Sebasco Harbor Resort provide the ideal backdrop for your gathering. At Sebasco, the serenity of the pristine Maine landscape combined with an abundance of nostalgia-evoking family activities provide a welcome escape from the outside world and the space to reconnect with loved ones. Our modern accommodations and amenities provide every comfort and luxury you could possibly want during your stay. The unique ability to intertwine historical charm with exceptional contemporary convenience is one of the biggest reasons why Sebasco Harbor Resort has been nationally recognized by the New York Times, Boston Sunday Globe, Parents Magazine and Coastal Living. It’s also why so many families choose it as the destination for their annual family reunion vacations.

The resort’s Camp Merritt program is great for children ages 5-10. What better way is there for cousins to get to know one another than by sharing exciting daily adventures without the adults around? Activities include blueberry picking, pirate adventures, Maine lobstering demonstrations, field trips, hiking, softball, golf, tennis and scavenger hunts in which the whole family can partake. The camp hours run Monday-Friday from 10:00am-3:00pm, so adults have mornings and afternoons free to re-connect with one another and take advantage of the resort’s many amenities and activities. Whether you prefer to spend the day golfing, kayaking through Casco Bay, getting a luxurious treatment at the Fairwinds Spa or swimming in the saltwater pool, everyone can find plenty to enjoy here. Follow your passion and reconvene over ice-cold beers and a delicious lunch at The Ledges restaurant. In the evenings, the whole family can tell stories and share laughs about their days over a crackling bonfire—complete with S’mores and sing-a-longs. Sebasco Harbor Resort is the ultimate in family reunion resorts. Not only will you leave with plenty of great stories to retell at the next reunion, you will also gain cherished memories to last a lifetime.

When you’re looking for fun family vacation ideas, place Sebasco Harbor Resort at the very top of your list!

Fall Getaways Are Better at Sebasco!

If anything can match the beauty and uniqueness of a Maine summer, it’s the Maine fall. The landscape transforms from lush green rolling hills into a breathtaking collage of deep red, orange, and yellow. The blue ocean, against the bold hues of autumn, becomes even more of a standout. Amazingly, this stunning seasonal display is only part of our Maine fall. People from far and wide make the trek here every year to experience a true Maine autumn. And if you’re a local, a Sebasco Harbor Resort fall getaway will be one of your best vacations all year. The icing on the cake? You can’t beat our late season rates!

A new kind of playground emerges

Outdoor enthusiasts already know that Maine boasts one of the best natural year-round playgrounds in the country. During autumn, the days are warm with strong sunshine and the nights offer “perfect sleeping weather” with cooler temperatures. If you’re from around here, you know that unmistakable morning when you wake up and it just “feels” and “smells” like fall. Many Mainers wait all year for this subtle seasonal shift. In this perfect climate, your Maine getaway invites you outdoors, beginning with our Sebasco grounds. As a premiere Maine vacation resort, we are located on 550 acres of Maine’s Midcoast with the ocean as our backdrop. With our prime coastal location, you can enjoy any outdoor activity you have on your wish list. In fact, if you aren’t in the mood to go far, you can start with local hikes right on our property, including Merritt Mountain and Robinson’s Rock. If you want to venture out further, this Midcoast Maine area is synonymous with great hiking and offers everything from novice to professional trails. On route, you’ll be astounded at the fall foliage sights that will take your breath away. If you prefer to soak in the fall colors on the water, look no further than our Sebasco Kayaking Center. We offer experienced guided kayak tours and adventures for all ages and skill levels. Canoes and paddleboats are always available for your use, too. If you want to spend your time on the green, many of our guests say that fall is the time to visit our Sebasco Harbor Resort Golf Course. Highlights include the 145-yard and Par 3 second hole or the challenging 510-yard, Par 5 finishing hole. We also have the 3-hole, regulation length Lake Course that is ideal for beginners as well as a 9-hole putting course and pitching range to perfect your game. Sebasco is also the best spot to downshift and allow your mind and body to unwind. Start the morning with some outdoor yoga while soaking in the colorful fall display and then head to the Fairwinds Spa. Here, guests are treated to a variety of aromatic facials, therapeutic massages, pampering pedicures and restorative body treatments. Of course, you need a good meal and a delicious drink to top off the day. Almost all of our guests make sure to plan an evening at the Pilot House, the “place to be” for dinner and a sunset. The Ledges Pub offers a more casual dining atmosphere with patio dining available. Or, you can head into town and visit any of the many award-winning restaurants in the area. As the final finale to your fall getaway, especially if it’s a romantic excursion, book your stay in either The Lighthouse (boasting oceanfront views that you won’t believe) or the Fairwinds Spa Suites for a truly memorable vacation. These luxurious suites have a king-sized bed, fireplace, walk-in shower and a kitchenette with granite countertops – all with a breathtaking view of Casco Bay in its autumn glory. You can have a massage right in your room during the day (at no additional charge) and you’ll receive exclusive spa hot tub access at night.

Unbeatable views and unbeatable deals this fall!

To be a true Maine insider, book your Maine vacation in the fall. You’ll experience the very best our state has to offer – breathtaking ocean views, outdoor adventures, once-in-a-lifetime fall foliage splendor – all in perfect weather, and without the crowds or summer price tags. Since these reservations get snapped up quickly, book early and check out our latest Maine vacation packages for your ultimate fall getaway. For any additional information or to inquire about special requests, give us a call at 877-500-9903. Finally, be sure to sign up for our newsletter, containing all our latest news and special promotions!

Lighthouse Notes – January

bob with flag - sebascoWorking at a seasonal resort does have its perks.

One of the most frequent questions I get all the time is “What do you do all winter, go to Florida?” I can understand why people ask the question. We’re closed, so why not. However, Sebasco is a busy place in the off season.

Not an off season goes by without renovations all around the resort. We certainly like hearing our guests express their appreciation when they return and see the changes. Adding 60 or 70 new members to the staff for each season takes a little planning and training. And nothing seems to keep those annoying people we call customers from calling all the time, waking us up from our naps.

All kidding aside, it does give us all an opportunity to catch up with our families and our lives. The 24/7 business when we are open means lots of long hours spent away from the family. Our off season allows us to enjoy the nights, weekends and holidays that many of our jealous hospitality brethren have to work.

When you are here, we are here. We don’t take vacation days during the season. Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, even Columbus Day, are not holidays for our hard working staff. But if you call us on Thanksgiving, or anytime that weekend, you probably have to leave a message. I hope you understand.

Thanks for your continued loyalty. And Happy Arbor Day.

Sebasco Resort: The Perfect Maine Wedding Venue

One of the biggest reasons why Maine Weddings have grown increasingly popular over the past several years is because couples are looking for alternatives to traditional church weddings. Many couples seek out more contemporary venues and ceremonies that embrace the beauty of nature. One reason behind this is that couples want weddings that reflect their unique personalities and those of their friends and family. As a result, weddings in Maine have grown in demand. That’s because people are discovering the bounty of natural and authentic beauty Maine has to offer them on their big day.

Looking for an oceanfront or a woodland setting for your Maine Wedding?

No matter what kind of backdrop you want for your perfect Maine wedding, Sebasco Harbor Resort has got you covered! Maine is one of the best places in the country to get married because it offers a wide range of gorgeous settings that make for memorable ceremonies and stunning photographs. Whether your dream is to get married overlooking the ocean, or in a magically-lit garden, you can find anything your heart desires right here on our 550 acre resort! When it comes to planning a wedding, it is oftentimes the small details that end up causing the most stress, so the last thing that you want to worry about is something as big as the location. Choosing the right one can make all the difference in the world and Sebasco Harbor Resort makes that and all your wedding day choices easy ones!

Our dedication to you sets us apart from other Maine wedding venues

Out of the many venues for Maine weddings, Sebasco Harbor Resort is one of the most sought after. With hundreds of acres of woodland, waterfront and garden landscapes, we have hosted some of the most breathtakingly beautiful weddings in Maine. And when it comes to making your job as easy possible, our decades of wedding planning and catering experience will ensure that all your dreams can come true on your special day! We invite you to come and stroll through our property and to experience the visual beauty and pristine landscapes for yourself. We think that once you do, you will see why we think this is the perfect place for you to exchange your vows!

So many stunning ceremony and reception locations to choose from

One of the things that sets us apart from other Maine wedding locations is the variety of naturally beautiful settings that are all within such close proximity to one another. And each one of our gorgeous ceremony and reception venues offer breathtaking views of Maine’s naturally romantic landscape. This unique selection of locations give us the ability to accommodate any size and style of ceremony while ensuring that it retains a vibe of warmth and intimacy. You have the choice of using both our outdoor and indoor venues for your ceremony and reception. Imagine, saying your vows overlooking the ocean at sunset, and then having your reception just a short walk away in a magnificent garden surrounded by beautiful flowers and magically-lit trees with chandeliers hanging overhead. You can have the ultimate fairytale wedding here, and that is one of the many reasons why so many couples pick Sebasco Harbor Resort as their venue of choice.

We understand that no two weddings are alike

That’s why we make the customization of your big day, down to the very last detail, as enjoyable and as stress-free as possible. Our experienced and enthusiastic staff has the resources, attentiveness and talent to transform your unique vision into reality. We take pride in understanding exactly what you need so that you can relax on your big day knowing that we will make sure everything goes perfectly. And that includes handling any accommodation needs you or your guests might have.

When it comes to guest accommodations, we have something to suit all of your guests’ needs. We offer private cottages that range from one to ten bedrooms, luxurious suites with gas fireplaces that overlook our lush gardens, oceanfront Spa suites with walk-in showers, cozy suites tailored specifically for families with children, pet-friendly cottages, and even plush rooms in our historic Lighthouse with amazing views of Casco Bay.

Our Fairwinds Spa: the ultimate way to unwind before of after your wedding

In addition to the luxurious accommodations, our first class amenities are another reason why so many couples choose Sebasco Harbor Resort as their wedding destination, and it’s easy to see why. Our Fairwinds Spa offers a soothing selection of signature treatments for you and your guests to take advantage of during your stay, and it’s hard not to feel deeply relaxed while getting a therapeutic aromatherapy massage as you listen to the sounds of the ocean waves breaking along the coastline below. Staying calm is key for any bride, and we will gladly customize a spa package for you (and even your bridesmaids) to so that you can de-stress completely before the wedding. We offer several styles of massage, body treatments, reflexology, facials, energy therapies, pedicures, manicures and waxing services—all of which use only the finest organic ingredients that will make you feel amazingly refreshed. In preparation for your big day, our salon specialists will make sure that your hair and makeup are immaculate, and our popular Body Buff treatment will leave you with radiant, glowing skin; the perfect prep for your wedding photo session. And if you choose to honeymoon in one of our luxurious spa suites, there’s no better way to start your new life together than with a romantic and relaxing Dou Massage for couples.

So when it comes to exceptional locations for coastal Maine weddings that are as deeply rejuvenating as they picturesque, Sebasco Harbor Resort is unparalleled. For a truly special setting that will leave both you and your guests with memories that will last a lifetime, your perfect wedding is waiting for you here. To receive our free wedding planner’s guide or to schedule a tour, please email us at or call 800-225-3819.

The Five Most Unique Things About Sebasco

I subscribe to a lot of travel web sites.

I get daily updates from one of more of those sites every single day. I can’t help myself. I have a deep curiosity for travel related topics that is hard to quench, especially about Maine and New England.

The most fascinating, and sometimes annoying, emails or posts are the list ones. Some sources do it well, like Condé Nast Traveler, which rarely sends an email that I don’t open. Other sources just seem to make things up, with no real insight or research on the topic they claim to know.

So I decided to do my own list. It’s based on over 20 years of experience with feedback from hundreds, maybe even thousands of sources, mostly current and past guests of our lovely resort. Enjoy.

The Five Most Unique Things About Sebasco

Cruise On The Ruth, Boat At Sebasco Harbor Resort5. The Ruth

Built in 1930, The Ruth is the longest continuously operating tour boat on the coast of Maine. Thousands of guests have enjoyed sunsets in the middle of Casco Bay. Thousands of children have enjoyed our pirate trip to Harbor Island. It defines classic.

4. Round Cove

This beautiful bowl of the Atlantic Ocean empties out every day at low tide, making it a wonderful laboratory to explore marine life. When the tide comes in, after the sun bakes up the empty bottom, it’s one of the warmest places to swim in the ocean in Maine.

3. The Second Hole of our Golf Course

This diabolical gem, with its three tiered green, demands distance precision. A shot just 10 yards past the pin almost guarantees a bogey. Many wonder why we just don’t put a windmill somewhere on the green.

Exterior Of Harborview Cottage | Sebasco Harbor Resort Accommodations2. Two Cottages That Sleep Twenty People

If you are a family that truly enjoys each other company, there is nothing better than gathering all under one roof at Early Bird or Shore Ledges.

1. The Ring Toss Game

As the Bruno’s reminded us last month, our ring toss at Sebasco can be one of the most addicting and competitive activities at the resort. I’ve never seen anything like it anywhere else in the world, which means that I think we need to host the World Ring Toss Championship sometime this summer. I’ll get to work on that.

As usual, all lists are open to criticism or even outright scorn. Some will think it blasphemous to have excluded the Lighthouse, Merritt Mountain, the Quarterdeck, the Clipper or even our pool, the largest salt water pool on the coast of New England. But someone told us this week that 5 was the magic number when doing lists. I welcome any feedback or suggestions at


bradford-smith - SebascoWelcome to 2017.

It is very hard to believe 20 years have come and gone since the Smith family assumed the reins of Sebasco from the Dana family. It has been a wonderful two decades for us.

I remember this wonderful moment. As we discussed the “peaceful transition of power,” John Bradford thought it would be nice to introduce the new family in charge. We took this picture on the first tee of the golf course and sent out the newsletter as our first interaction with our new Sebasco family. John and Deedee, as well as her sister Wendy, could not have been more supportive of us during that transition. Sadly, after 20 years of happy retirement, John passed away last fall. Many of you already know that because we really are one big family. And because many of you have been coming to Sebasco before I ever arrived.

Some of you are fourth generation guests. Even though John and Deedee retired, they still kept in touch with many of you and you still come with your family every year to enjoy all Sebasco has to offer. I thank you so much for that continued loyalty. And I thank John Bradford for trusting me to be the next steward of this beautiful place.

p.s. This image was taken after I was trusted with the keys.

Where is Sebasco?

Putting Our Maine Oceanfront Resort on the Map

Sebasco Harbor Resort is located on Maine’s scenic and historic Phippsburg Peninsula, which is at the northern edge of Casco Bay. The peninsula’s total area encompasses 71.20 square miles—of which only 28.58 square miles are land! The town is bordered by the city of Bath to the north and Popham Beach to the south, and serves as a divider between the Kennebec River and Casco Bay. The unique land formations of peninsulas provide some of the most picturesque areas in the world and serve as ideal refuges for wildlife. Derived from a combination of the Latin words pene, meaning “almost” and insula, meaning “island”, a peninsula is a landform that is surrounded by water on three sides, while still remaining connected to the mainland.

Phippsburg is marked by a rugged coastline of coves and inlets, a quaint small-town feel and an abundance of natural wonders. For such a small town, you can find all of the charms here that Maine is best known for: stunning beaches, exceptional fishing, ancient woodlands, rare wildlife, a rich history, great food and perhaps the most valued of all—personal solitude.

Planes, Trains & Automobiles: Getting to Sebasco Harbor Resort

Depending on where you’re coming from, there are several modes of transportation to consider when heading to our Maine oceanfront resort for your vacation. Whichever one you choose is largely dependent both on the distance you will be traveling and your personal preferences. If you’re over six hours away, chances are that you will be taking a plane—especially if traveling with young children who don’t do well on long car rides. Air travel is available through Portland International Jetport for all commercial jets, as well as the Wiscasset Airport for small, private aircraft. From Portland, we are located 48 miles north, and you can easily arrange for a taxi to bring you the rest of the way or rent a car—especially if you want the chance to explore our neighboring towns.

If you’re departing from Boston, you have a couple of options other than a plane ride. Concord Trailways offers daily trips from Logan Airport and South Station to Bath, Maine, which is only a 12-mile taxi ride from the Phippsburg Peninsula. If you prefer taking the scenic route and enjoy ample leg room, taking a train is always a good option. The Amtrak Downeaster will bring you from North Station to Brunswick, which is about 40 minutes away from Sebasco Harbor Resort.

From the South…

Take Maine Turnpike I-95 to Exit 52 Falmouth to I-295 North. Take Exit 31 Topsham/Lisbon and turn right onto Route 196 East. Continue straight through all lights and proceed north on Route 1 to Bath. In Bath, bear right on Route 209. Follow 209 for 11 miles to Sebasco Road. Follow Sebasco Road for 1.3 miles to Sebasco Harbor Resort.

From the North…

Take Maine Turnpike I-95 to Exit 103 onto I-295. Take Exit 31 Topsham, and turn right onto Route 196 East. Follow as above.

From Downeast…

Take Route 1 to Bath. Take Route 209 Exit (right) off Sagadahoc Bridge.

From Sebasco

Portland—48 miles

Freeport—28 miles

Bath—12 miles

Boston—3 hours

New York City—6 hours

Visit our Directions to Sebasco Harbor Resort page for an interactive Google map, GPS-ready address, and a link to additional Portland, Maine area travel resources.

Come find solitude in our surroundings. To check availability, click or call Sebasco Harbor Resort today and make your reservations today.


Phippsburg Tour

Historic & Scenic Phippsburg, Maine map and tour guide

A Tribute to our Dear Friend

A tribute to our dear friend


As many know but some may not, our beloved Jean MacKennan Marshall passed away this spring after her 89th birthday. She was one of my dearest friends and one of the finest employees I’ve ever met in our industry.
For those who are interested, we’re dedicating a new covered bridge at the second hole of our golf course to her contribution to us and her love for this beautiful place.
The dedication will on Sunday, July 16th at 3:45 PM, followed by a gathering to share stories with Jean’s family and friends.

Any attendees who want to spend the night on Sunday can do so for $99. Just call the front desk and let them know you’re coming to visit Jean’s Bridge.

Bob Smith
Sebasco Harbor Resort
Lighthouse Keeper

John & Owen Totman – True Sebasco Treasures

John Totman - SebascoJohn Totman joined the maintenance crew at Sebasco in June of 1956. I hadn’t even reached my first birthday, and I’m 60! His younger brother Owen joined the crew two years later. They started under the tutelage of Gordon Alden, and worked for two generations of the Dana family until 1997, when I bought the resort from John and Deedee Bradford and Orman and Wendy Hines, daughters and husbands of Woody and Doss Dana.

Owen Totman - SebascoWhen Doss became ill after her husband died, she struggled with the resort in her last few years, even firing her children who had been running the operation. John and Owen became the only people she trusted, and they saved the resort through those hard times helping Doss, but communicating constantly with the children, who continued to run the property remotely until she passed away.

Sebasco Harbor Resort is an institution, founded and opened in 1930 by Nate Cushman, a wealthy entrepreneur who founded Cushman Bakery’s, one of the largest bakery companies in the Northeast. Many celebrities would come in the summer. Benny Goodman would bring the band to rehearse before touring. Eleanor Roosevelt would stop at Sebasco during her trips to Campobello. Rumors that John Totman used to fetch her ice cream on hot summer days have never made it to her memoirs.

The Totman family have been residents of the small Maine coastal town of Phippsburg since the 1700’s. John and Owen have five other siblings and all have been important members of the community. But these two gentlemen have dedicated ¾’s of their lives to the resort while still making tremendous contributions to the community. They started the Totman Wallace Scholarship Fund over 30 years ago and, with the help of family and friends, have raised almost $250,000 for college scholarships for children in Phippsburg since its inception, although neither of them ever went to college themselves. The value of education has always been of utmost importance to them, and their children all graduated and became successful in their own careers as teachers and engineers. When John’s wife passed away at a young age, he not only raised his own three, he also took in his two nephews when his sister-in-law passed away.

When John was drafted in the Army in 1961, Owen held down the fort until he returned two years later. When I came along after 23 years in the industry, these two men taught me the real meaning of hospitality. As a seasonal summer resort, I couldn’t understand why there was always just as much traffic coming in and out of the “Repairatorium” every day as there was going to the pool or heading for the golf course. Their maintenance shop was literally the hub of the resort. It didn’t take long for me to understand that every child who wanted to go fishing knew a quick stop at the shop and they’d be set up with a fishing rod, bait or lures, and very specific directions on the best place to find that big fish and even instruction on how to do it if needed. If you were a youngster without a bike and were jealous of all the others who were riding around, you just stopped at the shop, where the guys had a bunch of bikes for all sizes. Most were remnants from the local recycling center that they had repaired and put back into action. No child walked into the Repairatorium without coming out happy. I asked, and they agreed, to become certified L. L. Bean bike mechanics. Not only did they get certified, but I think they actually taught the instructors a thing or two about bicycles.

They both spend their spare time doing two things, helping others, and enjoying the sea. Owen is a lobsterman in his off hours and often sets up guests with a fresh supply of our favorite Maine “Sea Chickens” to take home when they depart. John takes his family sailing in Casco Bay or kayaks down the Kennebec River.

If you want a chuckle, a really good story, they have plenty. Almost 60 years of experience in this business will give you a lot of material. And if you even suggest that they slow down, the icy stare will melt you in your spot. They maintain 37 buildings here at the resort. They crawl under all but two every fall to drain the water from them for the winter and they do the same to fire them up in the spring. They are two of the most remarkable men I know. And they are the best example I know of hard work and total dedication. I am honored and humbled to have them as part of our industry.

Looking for Summer Fun Family Vacations in Maine?

Why do thousands of people from across the country choose Maine family vacations year after year? One good reason might include the seemingly endless variety of activities that are available for everyone of all ages to enjoy. Maine has over 6,000 lakes and 5,500 miles of saltwater coastline which makes it an ideal place to vacation in the summertime if your family enjoys water sports, boating, whale-watching tours, or swimming. Prefer your fun on dry land? Maine’s gorgeous wilderness makes it one of the best places in the country to experience bicycling, hiking, bird watching, and a vast array of sightseeing tours. With so many things to see and do in this beautiful state, it is no wonder that its popularity as a location for family trips is quickly making Maine to be one of the top family fun vacation destinations on the East Coast.

So, if you are looking for a Maine family vacation that offers lots of activity choices (relaxing, exciting – or both) for all ages, consider staying at a resort on the ocean. Oceanfront resorts are the ideal solution for families that are looking for fun-packed vacations that offer something for everyone to enjoy. When you have everything that you need in one place, there’s no need to travel all over the state, and this is especially nice when you have young children in tow. When you are on vacation it should feel like a vacation. If there are activities on your itinerary short list, that might not be met with the same level of excitement by your kids, you don’t want to cut an excursion short because of their boredom. Compounding that misery by spending any more time than necessary in a car with fussy, restless kids is certainly not anyone’s idea of relaxation. Rather than sacrificing your sanity, consider a Maine family vacation that will give you everything you need right on the resort premises and cater to your every need while you are there! At last, you get the break you truly deserve!

Whether you are seeking adventure or relaxation, we have it all – and more!

While no one can guarantee the weather, summers in Maine can be magical! Almost never too hot or too cold, Maine summer weather makes all types of outdoor activities even more enjoyable. It is a perfect time for walking around, going on boating excursions, or even just for lounging around and taking in the beautiful scenery that surrounds you. If you have young children, you want a vacation spot that caters specifically to families. When you choose a Maine resort that has an abundance of activities to keep the little ones busy during the daytime, you and your spouse have ample downtime during which you can relax and enjoy some alone time. Of all Maine family resorts at which you can choose from during your family vacation, we genuinely believe that Sebasco Harbor Resort is the best. We offer you everything that you and your family could possibly want or need for the vacation of a lifetime in one breathtaking, convenient, relaxing – and exciting — location.

Do you have young children? Parents Magazine featured Sebasco Harbor Resort as one of the 10 Best Beach Resorts for Families1. One of the reasons why our resort made the short list included our Camp Merritt program. Our day program offers plenty of great camp activities to keep children ages 5-10 busy and entertained, such as hiking up Merritt Mountain, golf and tennis clinics, live animal demonstrations that make learning about Maine’s unique wildlife fun, scavenger hunts for the whole family, pirate adventures, Maine lobstering demonstrations and blueberry picking/exploration expeditions. Not only is it a great way for the kids to have fun and explore, they also get the opportunity to bond with other children who take part in the camp. And because so many families choose to come back year after year, they might very well end up making lifelong friends!

Lots of kid friendly activities at Sebasco Harbor ResortIn addition to the daily excursions offered by Camp Merritt, we offer plenty of fun family activities that the whole family can take part in. Family Golf gives you an opportunity to introduce your kids to the game of golf – either on our 9-hole course or on our 3-hole Lake Course. Our Family Campfire Sing-a-long (complete with S’mores) is always a vacation highlight. If you prefer spending time on the open water, our Maine Lobstering & Fishing Cruise teaches you about the daily lives of Maine lobstermen and fishermen while cruising through local fishing villages. This adventure is uniquely a Maine experience, and it is a great way to learn something new while creating lifelong memories. Our Parent/Child Kayak Introduction lesson will teach you the basic paddle strokes and rescues in the safety of our saltwater pool and will prepare you for our family Guided Kayak Excursions which take place most days during the summer at 9:00 am and at 1:00 pm. You and your children will bond as you paddle alongside harbor seals, ospreys, eagles and a variety of other wildlife.

When the little ones are gone for the afternoon, you can take advantage of our luxurious Fairwinds Spa. Recognized by the Spa Index Guide in 2011 as one of the Best of Family Spas in Maine2, our full-service spa will pamper you as you listen to the serene, relaxing sounds of the ocean. From aromatic facials, therapeutic massages, and pampering pedicures to restorative body treatments, you can enjoy one of our many signature spa treatments that use only the finest organic ingredients. No matter which treatment you choose, you will leave feeling completely rejuvenated!

In addition to our wonderful resort amenities, our Pure Maine Accommodations (designed especially for small or large families) are equally as impressive! Sebasco Harbor Resort offers Maine resort cottages, rooms in our classic Main Lodge, family suites, and more. Many of our rooms have spectacular oceanfront views and we have two great restaurants on premises; one that offers a children’s menu your kids will actually like, and one that is perfect for a romantic evening without the kids! Ask us about our affordable Modified American Plan (MAP); a great value that includes a full breakfast and dinner each day.

When you stay at Sebasco Harbor Resort, you will discover that it is possible to have a relaxing vacation with your children, and make it a wonderful, memorable experience for everyone!


One Word: Family

A Message from the Lighthouse Keeper

bob-and-family Sebasco

As Lori and I head into our 19th year as stewards of this beautiful place, it is hard not to reminisce about all the joy we have had since our first season here. As we talked over this last holiday weekend, conversations always drifted back to our wonderful times here as an extended family. With the arrival of Kelsey’s and Ian’s son, Eric, we understand even more, as new grandparents, the importance of a family gathering. We are so proud to have made so many good friends over the years as they have gathered their families here at Sebasco. Thank you for your faith in us, in good times and bad, and entrusting your special family time to us and our wonderful team.

Now that we’ve weathered this last economic storm, I want to thank my Sebasco family for their dedication to making your vacation experience so special.

To my partner, Michael Lynch, thank you for carrying on the tradition here. It’s been wonderful to watch your girls Michaella, Carli and Regan grow up here. Now I get to watch them work for dad and share the occasional heartburn I used to get when Mallory and Kelsey worked for me not so long ago. Ditto for Melissa’s girls, Zoe and Olivia. We all praise Kathy, our HR director, for being the buffer and keeping us from losing our minds during the teenage years.

Our ambassadors, Jean Marshall and Lew Kingsbury, still take time to come visit old friends. John and Owen Totman, who have kept this place working for over 50 years, refuse to transition to ambassador status. Jane Gagne’s happy voice welcomes your calls all winter and we all marvel as the next generation of the Sebasco management team, Cat, Max, Anthony, Chef Isaac, and John, carry the torch forward.

It’s been quite a winter but opening day is less than a month away. Halleluiah!

To learn more about our Accommodations click here.

Top Five Wedding Planning Tips

Getting married is a joyous event, and the stress of figuring out every detail should never detract from the specialness of the big day. Here are our top 5 wedding planning tips to help you make your special day as stress-free as possible.

1. Begin early

If possible, it’s helpful to start planning at least one year ahead of time in order to avoid any unnecessary roadblocks. Early planning also goes a long way in saving your sanity because will have the time and space to make well thought out decisions. A smart tactic for engaged couples is to set aside a day or two each week when you can sit down, have a glass of wine and devote time specifically to planning the wedding. This way you know you’re both on the same page, you’re both involved in the process from start to finish—and there is no sense of urgency. Remember: planning your big day can (and should) be fun, so minimize your stress by giving yourself time!

2. Set a budget—and stick to it

Making a budget for your wedding is critical—it is, after all, the foundation of your entire planning and decision-making process. Weddings are not cheap. According to, the average wedding today costs $27,0001. While this amount of money is by no means necessary to have a great wedding, it is necessary to know exactly how much you can spend in order to narrow down potential locations and wedding vendors. Sit down with your fiancée and both sets of parents and figure out how much each party has to contribute. Doing so will make it much easier to plan within your means. Staying on track and not going over budget will save you from any surprises— and it’ll leave you with more money to spend on an extraordinary honeymoon or on important things like a down payment on a house.

3. Figure out the guest list

Knowing the number of guests you’ll be inviting is necessary for other big decisions, such as choosing the ceremony location and staying within your budget. Once you have a ballpark idea of the wedding size, you’ll know what size venue to look for, be able to explore catering options and, if it’s a destination wedding, you’ll be able to figure out guest accommodation options. Picking a Maine wedding resort like Sebasco is a great option for both intimate and big weddings because there are a wide variety of guest accommodations to suit all needs and budgets. Instead of having your guests stay at various hotels, everyone can be at the same spot, eliminating the necessity for providing transportation, and simplifying all aspects of travel for everyone involved.

4. Choose a location

Where you choose to exchange vows is oftentimes the most difficult part of planning a wedding. Nowadays, there are far more options than churches, and it’s easy to let your imagination run wild when dreaming of your fairytale wedding. Over the past decade there has been a notable shift in couples’ desire to host their big event at unique sites over more traditional locales—and it’s easy to understand why. There are so many beautiful destinations, and adding to the appeal, many actually specialize in helping plan wedding details. Resorts are ideal for weddings, as they have everything you could possibly need in one location. With countless resources and vendors at their fingertips, the weight of detail planning is taken off your shoulders. If you’re planning a Maine wedding, take a day trip (or even a weekend) to Sebasco Harbor Resort on your venue hunt. This internationally-acclaimed historic destination resort is located in scenic midcoast Maine, and couples have flocked here for decades to say their I do’s. When picking your wedding location, a breathtaking backdrop will provide enchanting memories and photographs to last a lifetime.

5. Let wedding planning professionals handle the details

If you take on all the responsibility of planning a wedding by yourself, it’s a surefire recipe for burnout. You don’t need to try to be a superhero in order to have a beautiful wedding, so it’s smart to allow others to take on some of the weight. In fact, one of the best reasons to have a resort wedding is because trained professionals are on hand to cater to your needs and do much of the dirty work for you. Because resorts often have their own restaurants on site, they are excellent for catering your reception, and they have a wealth of props and décor for every preference. All you have to do is work with them to explain your vision and delegate tasks. Once you’ve done that, you have much more headspace and free time to focus on everything else.

With the right location, Maine weddings are easily some of the most beautiful in the country, and when it comes to great Maine resort locations, Sebasco Harbor Resort has everything to give you and your spouse-to-be the wedding of your dreams. It’s hard to find a more perfect spot to spend one of the most meaningful days of your lives, and seeing the resort grounds for yourself will be enough to convince you of this. No matter how big or small your wedding, we have the space and resources you need to make your day run as smoothly as possible. Our highly trained staff is more than happy to work with you and translate all your ideas into reality, so you can rest assured you’re in excellent hands. We understand how stressful planning a wedding can be, and we also know how important it is for you to be able to maintain a sense of inner peace in the midst of such a big event. Weddings in Maine are wonderful, but weddings at Sebasco are exceptional. Call us today to schedule a visit.

Step Up And Swing! 5 Reasons To Visit A Maine Golf Resort

For many, swinging away at a scenic golf course is a vacation must. Perfectly playable greens and fairways are easy to seek out, but, from where we stand, none score a proverbial hole-in-one like Maine golf resorts. Picturesque ocean vistas, invigorating saltwater breezes, and proximity to the rest of Vacationland’s best and brightest (succulent lobster, anyone?) put midcoast Maine at the tip-top of the golf getaway leaderboard.

Sebasco Harbor golf course — Maine golf resorts

5 Reasons To Take A Swing At A Maine Golf Resort

1. Vacationland Views Are Ripe For The Gazing

Aerial view of the golf course at Sebasco Harbor, a Maine golf resort.

Prolonged gazing at oceans or mountains is a given in midcoast Maine, but those Vacationland views are even sweeter between swings. Situated on the coast of Casco Bay, our golf course is known for its alluring water views and lush forests. Leaf peepers, time your visit right, and you’ll be ooh-ing and aah-ing your way through vibrant reds and oranges around every fairway at our Maine golf resort.

2. Golfing Here Means Going With The Flow (Literally)

After teeing off for the umpteenth time, it’s natural to feel as though you’ve witnessed everything a golfing green can throw your way. But if you’ve yet to take a swing in midcoast Maine, you’re in for a new type of test: a hole that changes depending on the tide. Typical golf courses may threaten a game with a measly pond, but your approach to our 145-yard second hole will vary depending on how high the tide is when you cruise to the course.

Combined with three-tiered terrain that demands distance precision from the get-go, our second hole is the leading topic of chatter among golfers convening at The Ledges Pub.

3. Varied Terrain Lets You Sharpen Skills From Putting To Driving

Golfer swinging on the green at Sebasco Harbor, a Maine golf resort.Let’s face it — not all of us have attained pro status. The greatest Maine golf resorts are equally as approachable to newbies as they are to seasoned swingers, and that’s where our simple, 3-hole lake course comes in. Just like the saltwater air that flows through it, this regulation-length course can be as easy and breezy as you’d like to make it. You can also polish up your putting prowess on the 9-hole putting course or practice on the pitching range — these areas double as an excellent environment for kids to take their first swing (if they’re not too busy playing camp games or hunting for treasure on a pirate cruise, that is).

4. Resort Amenities Are A Putt’s Distance Away

Many of us golfers live for the peace and quiet of the green, but the greatest hallmark of Maine golf resorts may be what’s beyond the course. Typically, a golfing green may be situated a ways away from the rest of Maine golf resort amenities, but here at Sebasco, all the perks are adjacent to the course. With your getaway needs and activities are just a putt’s distance from the tee ground, we fully retain every ounce of the Pure Maine experience (that includes the “away from it all” feeling).

5. Maine Golf Packages Take The Work Out Of Planning

The green at Sebasco Harbor, a midcoast Maine golf resort.Whether you’re a longtime golfing guru or you’ve yet to carry a club, our staff rolls out the welcome turf for every variety of golfer — and our Maine golf packages do the same. A package can take the work out of vacation planning, save you buck or two with dining or lodging deals, and, most importantly, allow you to golf to your heart’s content with all-you-can-swing access to the green.

The Sebasco Harbor Resort Golf Club consists of three regulation-length golf courses, including the Lake Course, a 145 yard par 3 second hole, and a 510 yard par 5 finishing hole.

Re-Feather Your Empty Nest With An Autumn Visit

Sebasco Autumn Beauty Whether you’ve dropped the kids at college for the first time, or been living with an empty nest for a while, late summer and early autumn are great times to take a few days for just the two of you. And Sebasco Harbor Resort is the perfect spot to escape to this fall. Our late summer/early fall days are warm and sunny, while our nights are cool and crisp…the perfect combination to relax and play during the day and snuggle in close when night falls.

Here on the Midcoast of Maine, the leaves have begun to show the first signs of the brilliant fall colors to come. Now that school is back in session, the energy of summer has begun to abate, and the 550-acres of Sebasco Harbor Resort’s natural Maine beauty are waiting for you to enjoy in relative peace and quiet. What could be better than a Maine vacation for just the two of you?

Get GolfingSebasco Golf

Spend time together golfing on one of our two golf courses. Our Lake Course, a 3-hole regulation length course, is the perfect setting to introduce new golfers to the game, while allowing more experienced players to enjoy a quick round. For serious golfers, our 9-hole regulation course along Casco Bay is both picturesque and challenging. Your approach to the 145-yard, Par 3 second hole differs according to the tides, while the 510-yard, Par 5 finishing hole is challenging to golfers of all levels.

Water Activities Galore

Sebasco SEa KayakingNot a golfer? Sebasco offers a variety of other activities to keep you busy. Swim and lounge poolside at our saltwater pool beautifully situated along Casco Bay; kayak or SUP (Stand Up Paddle) as you explore some of the quiet inlets and secluded islands of Casco Bay; or take a cruise on The Ruth, our very own tour boat, and take in the sights of this part of the Midcoast as you pass the wharves, homes and boats of Cundy’s Harbor, Sebasco Village and West Point.


Prefer to head in a different direction altogether? Sebasco’s Fairwinds Spa has been named the #1 Maine Spa Resort by Resorts and Lodges. Our inspired signature spa treatments use only the finest organic ingredients. Our aromatic facials, therapeutic massages, pampering pedicures and restorative body treatments are presented with exceptional personal service. Every treatment is thoughtfully selected to deliver the finest therapeutic experience possible to the mind, body and spirit of each guest. Let out Fairwinds Spa specialists guide you through a journey that is uniquely and personally yours.

Eat and be Merry

At night Maine’s fresh flavors are on display. Dining at Sebasco means enjoying local flavors that are Pure Maine. Executive Chef Eric Walker provides the best of what this region has to offer with creative, healthy and delicious results. At Sebasco we believe the food we grow, procure from the local community, and cook in the place we call home, defines who we are.

A Little Added Bonus…

Best of all, to make this a September to remember, Sebasco has some very special offers. Choose one and put your own personalized stamp on your weekend together!

Lighthouse Romance Package – Stay in our romantic Lighthouse to create lasting memories and begin a beautiful new tradition for just the two of you. Recently upgraded, each room is unique with windows that overlook stretches of sparkling water dotted with rocky ledges – in short, some of the most magnificent views Maine can offer. This romantic getaway includes, Lighthouse accommodations, fresh flowers, a welcome gift, a romantic dinner each evening at The Pilot House and breakfast each morning.

Fall Foliage Value Package: Stay 3 Nights for the Price of 2 – During the months of September and October, book two nights and your third night during the same stay is free! This offer applies to all Sebasco accommodations. This package is subject to availability and is only available for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday arrivals.

Lighthouse and Lobsters –This unique package for two includes two (2) nights accommodations anywhere on property including our very own Lighthouse, a succulent Maine lobster dinner for two in the Pilot House, and a self guided lighthouse tour of several area lighthouse, with concierge directions to key vantage points. And for the entire month of September, Sebasco will contribute $2 for each lobster dinner to the No Kid Hungry organization.
For more information or to make a reservation, please call 1-877-500-9903. And get started on re-feathering that empty nest.

Beach Hopping

Maine is famous for its stunning landscape, so it will come as no surprise that it possesses some of the best looking beaches in the country. When vacationing in Maine, one of the most relaxing ways to spend a few days is to go beach hopping. Grab the sunscreen and towels and head off with the whole family to explore the many beautiful, sandy beaches of Maine.

Some of the most picturesque and untouched—and most family-friendly— beaches in the state are found in the Midcoast region. Here are the top picks for beaches in the area:

Popham Beach

A must-see for any visitor, Popham is the longest sandy beach in the state, and is considered by many to be the most scenic. The three-mile stretch of beach is located along the tip of the Phippsburg peninsula. Popham Beach is the star feature of Popham Beach State Park, which encompasses 529 acres. There are bathhouses, freshwater showers, a picnic area with charcoal grills—and plenty of trails to explore. These amenities and features make it one of the most popular beaches for families. The view is spectacular—visitors can see the lighthouses on Pond Island and Seguin Island, as well as Fox and Wood islands, all from the beach. Beachgoers can even walk to Fox Island at low tide for a quick visit before the tide rises. Just two miles from the beach is historic Fort Popham, which is a perfect place to see with the kids. History buffs will also appreciate the significance of Popham Beach in the country’s seafaring past. It was along parts of this shore that the Popham Colony was founded in 1607 by English settlers, and where they constructed the Virginia – the first ship ever built in North America.

Reid State Park

Located just a short distance from Popham Beach in neighboring Georgetown is one of the most popular beach destinations in the state. Here you will find not one, but two gorgeous wide sand beaches: Half-Mile Beach and Mile Beach, as well as a protected area perfect for families with small children. The beaches at Reid State Park are popular amongst tourists and locals alike—especially during the summer season. In addition to the beach, there are trails for walkers and bicyclists, making it easy to stroll or ride if you want to get out of the sun for a while. The Midcoast region is a great place to be a birdwatcher, and both Popham Beach State Park and Reid State Park are packed with a variety of native species. Reid State Park also has plenty of picnic areas with grills, showers, bathhouses as well as two snack bars open during the summer.

Head Beach

The village of Small Point in Phippsburg boasts a stunning family-owned sandy beach that is open for public access during the summer months. Though considerably smaller in size at 325-yards than Popham Beach and Reid State Park Beach, it is still well worth the visit—especially for families with children. Head Beach is protected on both sides by ledges so the waves are generally small with a mild current.

Totman Cove

Originally part of Sebasco Harbor Resort, this 88-acre preserve was purchased by the town of Phippsburg for public use. A short trail from the parking lot leads to the undeveloped, serene beach, though it is also reachable by road. In addition to the beach, the preserve also includes the North Creek Trail, a wildlife abundant mile-long loop. Totman Cove is restricted to Phippsburg citizens, however guests of Sebasco Harbor Resort are welcome to obtain a pass from the concierge.

The Maine resort with unparalleled proximity to the state’s best beaches

Sebasco Harbor Resort is conveniently located in Phippsburg, which is only a short distance from some of the prettiest beaches in the state. Popham Beach State Park is only a six-mile drive from the resort grounds, and both Head Beach and Totman Cove are within walking distance of our Maine resort. Reid State Park is just over 25 miles, making it a quick trip that even the most restless kids can easily endure. Of all resorts in Maine, we think Sebasco has the most ideal location from which to beach hop the best of the best. It is also the perfect place to come back to at the end of a memorable day spent swimming, exploring and soaking up sun. If you’re traveling with several children, we offer classic Maine accommodations, which provide ample space—and privacy—for everyone. Relax in the evening and enjoy a delicious meal at one of Sebasco’s two restaurants. We pride ourselves on being a family friendly Maine resort, and that’s why so many families make vacationing here an annual tradition. Make your reservations today!

7 Best Features Of An All-Inclusive Resort In Maine

Midcoast Maine’s list of “musts” is as lengthy as a line at an understaffed seafood shack in the middle of July. Sinking your fork into succulent lobster, cruising on a coastal boat tour, watching the sunset over a rocky coastline…single-handedly squeezing all of Maine’s merits into one visit is quite the feat. That’s when an all-inclusive resort really comes to the rescue. Explore the most favored features of an all-inclusive resort in Maine, brimming with attractions and qualities that give our state its Vacationland title.

Sebasco Harbor, an all inclusive resort in Maine.

7 Best Features Of An All-Inclusive Resort In Maine

1. Everything’s Just A Seaside Stroll Away

We’ll be the first to admit it: midcoast attractions aren’t exactly door-to-door. Walking around an all-inclusive Maine resort, though, is a convenience and an experience in one. Grab a treat from Sweet Scoops, our summer ice cream stand, and stroll straight to the harbor to watch the ships roll by — saunter over to our saltwater pool from the comfort of your hotel room.

2. Pure Maine Flavors

A succulent lobster meal at Sebasco, all inclusive resort in Maine.Freshly caught seafood is a staple of Maine — and a resort puts those seafaring tastes front and center. Sebasco Harbor is home to two on-site eateries, the Pilot House Restaurant and The Ledges Pub, and many of our spirited gatherings are centered around our most celebrated crustacean (like the famous Sebasco Harbor Lobster Bake, held each week during the summer).

Parents, we understand how hustling kids from hotel to car to restaurant multiple days a week isn’t exactly a peaceful prelude to supper. Dodging a stressful scenario with our Family Meal Plan hits the spot for kids and parents alike.

3. The Remote Feeling

Sometimes, your goal for a getaway is to truly get away. Sebasco Harbor is tucked away in the heart of Maine’s midcoast on the Phippsburg peninsula, with nothing but Vacationland views outside our all-inclusive resort. Don’t mistake our secluded location for a lack of Maine’s best and brightest — with lobster-centric summer activities and a busy hub for boating and watersports, privacy and energy live in harmony here to keep the adventurous nature of a Sebasco getaway strong. And at only 2.5 hours from Boston, our slice of the Midcoast feels much more remote than it actually is.

4. Cottages That Retain The Comforts Of Home

No ocean lover will be disappointed by the sweeping Atlantic views in a Lighthouse room, but many see a humble, rustic cottage as the epitome of Maine. Be it by whipping up a family meal in the comforts a full kitchen or kitchenette, relaxing on a private patio or lawn space, or keeping cozy by a fieldstone fireplace, a cottage is where the Maine experience truly comes ashore.

5. Maine-Centric Activities For Every Age Group

Paddleboarding at Sebasco Harbor, all inclusive resort in Maine.All too often on a family getaway, at least one member of the crew feels like they’ve drawn the short end of the stick. Luckily, there’s no short-ended sticks to be found in the Midcoast (and not just because of our dense deciduous forests). While youngin’s are learning all about Maine sea creatures at Camp Merritt, parents can unwind at Fairwinds Spa or the golf course, two resort features that are well worth the added expense. Even teenagers, who tend to roll their eyes at the mere mention of a family vacation, can make a splash with kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding.

6. Nostalgia-Inducing Indoor Activities

Don’t get us wrong: spending time on the water is highly encouraged, but at an all-inclusive resort in Maine, you don’t need to rely on boats and paddleboards to fill your entire Vacationland itinerary. With a rustic recreation center like our Quarterdeck at your doorstep, you can knock down a few pins, host a family ping pong tournament, or jam out to tunes from the jukebox.

7. Activity Schedules & Packages Make Planning A Cinch

We know — vacation planning can be a little daunting to dive into. But an all-inclusive resort knows how to take the stress away from the planning process (and it helps that we’ve fine-tuned our Sebasco traditions over the decades). Our daily summer activity schedules are a boon to the tired folks trying to organize a family vacation, and our specials & packages are as diverse and all-encompassing as our oceanside resort itself.

A Maine Resort For Golfers That Will Treat You Like A Pro

Golfing like a pro at Sebasco Harbor Resort

Ever since the modern game of golf originated in 15th century Scotland, it has grown into one of the most beloved sports worldwide, and it’s easy to see why. Golf is a unique sport that simultaneously relaxes and challenges the mind. No two games are ever the same. Golfing on different courses and in different weather conditions gives the game an ever-changing playing field on which players are constantly driving to improve their skills—and this is one of the biggest reasons why it is a game that gains lifelong fans. While on the golf course, you get to enjoy nature at its best while spending quality time and creating memories with friends and family.

If you’ve been searching for Maine resort hotels for golfers, look no further than Sebasco Harbor Resort. Our golf course layout is as picturesque as it is challenging. Golfers of every age, gender, and experience level have come from near and far come to play here. Our variety of tee locations on our two courses puts you in control of choosing the level of difficulty that you prefer. Our Lake Course, a 3-hole regulation length course, is the perfect setting to introduce new golfers to the game, while allowing more experienced players to enjoy a quick game. For serious golfers, our 9-hole regulation course offers a 145 yard, Par 3 second hole where your approach may differ according to the tides and a 510 yard, Par 5 finishing hole that is challenging to golfers of all levels.

If you want to get in some serious play time during your vacation, our Golf Play & Stay package offers you the best value. In addition to having unlimited time on the green, this package also provides you accommodations for two and a complimentary breakfast and dinner each day.

For local and seasonal residents, we offer a Golf Club Membership with unlimited tee times from opening day in May through late October. Not only can you golf your heart out, you will also enjoy guest privileges at our resort throughout the season, which includes use of our saltwater pool, tennis courts, fitness center and canoes.

Reserve Your Perfect Golfing Getaway Today!

Of all Maine luxury resorts for golfers, our distinctive accommodations and great amenities make us the superior choice for your relaxing Maine golfing vacation. It’s hard not to feel serene when surrounded by 550 acres of some of the most naturally gorgeous landscapes in the state. And playing on our beautifully manicured courses is nothing short of memorable. After a long day of challenging play, head over to Fairwinds Spa and indulge in a rejuvenating therapeutic massage that will take away all of your aches and tension and leave you feeling like a million bucks. Once you’ve had a relaxing spa experience, spoil your senses even more by delighting in a fabulous dinner at either one of our two oceanfront restaurants; the Pilot House or The Ledges. while overlooking the rocky coastline of Casco Bay. When it’s time to retire for the evening, our luxurious and comfortable accommodations provide the perfect setting to end a perfect day. Golfing may be what brings you here, but the Sebasco Harbor Resort experience is what brings you back. Call now and let our friendly staff treat you like a pro with a perfect golfing getaway!

Sightseeing in Midcoast Maine

Maine has arguably the most extensive maritime history in the United States – a history that continues to play a large role in the state’s culture and sense of pride. Nowhere in Maine is the history of the maritime experienced more than in the Midcoast region. Bath’s location along the Kennebec River was geographically ideal for shipbuilding, and therefore grew to become one of the most important shipbuilding spots in the world. The first English-built ship in North America, The Virginia, was constructed in 1607-1608 at Popham Colony’s Fort St. George in the neighboring town of Phippsburg.

Founded in 1962, the Maine Maritime Museum in Bath, is one of the top area attractions in Midcoast Maine. The Museum is located on the site where the country’s largest wooden ship, The Wyoming, was constructed. Today visitors to the museum can see the life-size sculpture of the ship that is, not surprisingly, the largest sculpture in all of New England.

Museums not only appeal to history buffs. Any age group can enjoy learning about history when it is displayed in a fun and interactive way—and that couldn’t be more true of the Maine Maritime Museum. With ten acres of interactive and breathtaking exhibits, impressive galleries with over 16,000 ancient artifacts and a historic shipyard with five original buildings from the 19th century, there is truly something for everyone.

During the summer months, the museum offers a variety of river cruises that vary in length. Visitors cruise by historic Maine lighthouses and see the unique wildlife from aboard the Schoodic, a Maine-built wooden boat. The price of admission includes entry for two days that can be used within a seven-day period. On the first visit, explore the galleries and exhibits that spread across the museums 25 acres of waterfront landscape. Spend the second visit sailing over the pristine ocean of Maine.

Visiting this unparalleled collection from Maine’s lengthy maritime history is an experience that every visitor and state resident should take advantage of at least once. Of all the fun things to do in midcoast Maine, the Maine Maritime Museum is certainly one of the most unique—and memorable.

Make Sebasco Harbor Resort your home away from home when visiting Maine

The perfect place to stay while sightseeing in midcoast Maine is Sebasco Harbor Resort. Located along the beautiful rocky coastline of Casco Bay, it is easily one of the most stunning Maine resorts. Located just a few minutes away from Bath and the Maine Maritime Museum, Sebasco Harbor Resort is a short drive away from some of the most popular midcoast Maine attractions including historic lighthouses. Whether you’re traveling alone or with a partner, your family or a large group, we cater to any and all of your needs. We have a wide variety of accommodation options—from cozy cottages to luxurious spa suites.

We take pride in our ability to provide you and your loved ones with the most enjoyable and relaxing home away from home during your stay, and our dedication to impeccable hospitality is why so many of our guests come back year after year. Call 1-877-500-9903 or click now to make reservations for your next Maine vacation today!

5 Things To Expect At A Maine Family Resort

Lobster-loving kids and grown-ups can agree: Maine is made for families.

We see it in the excited eyes of children eating ice cream, reunited family members embracing at the doorstep of a rustic cottage, and cheerful attendants at a lively lobster bake. Whether your getaway is for three or thirty, find Vacationland inspiration for all ages with our five favorite features of a Maine family resort.

5 Things To Expect At A Maine Family Resort

1. All The Essentials For A Family Reunion

Before your “meet us in Maine!” invitation makes it all the way to your Aunt Sally twice-removed, make sure the reunion site has ample space and amenities for that lengthy guest list. We’ve got two full restaurants complete with a kids-eat-free family meal plan, widely-walkable resort grounds, and all-inclusive amenities that cater to the varied whims of an extended party.

2. Maine Cottages & Rooms Worthy Of Calling Home

Captain's Cottage Outside View | Maine CottagesHome is where the heart is, and families tend to have their hearts set on our coastal Maine cottages. In fact, we’ve met many that’ve come to call a specific cottage their bonafide home at Sebasco, returning year after year to the nook that they know best. For extended family reunions, larger family cottages like the Early Bird, Harborview, Shore Ledges, and Pine Crest cabins are usually at the top of the lodging list.

If a cottage doesn’t strike your fancy (perhaps Aunt Sally snores a little too loud), our Main Lodge is filled to the brim with spacious family rooms, so every member of your crew can enjoy a little elbow room.

3. An Array Of Aquatic Activities

We wouldn’t be doing Maine justice if we didn’t have a worthy way to splash for every member of the crew. We recommend paddling past rustic fishing villages on a kayak or stand-up paddleboard and letting the kids set off on a swashbuckling voyage. For a sightseeing excursion, cruise along Casco Bay in style aboard the Ruth, our circa-1935 wooden tour boat. We also understand that the open seas aren’t for everyone — that’s when a refreshing dip in our saltwater pool becomes a family-wide hit.

4. Educational (And Actually Fun) Programs To Learn Maine

You can’t learn to drive by textbook alone, so why try to soak up seafaring fun facts in a classroom? It’s a much bigger blast at Camp Merritt, our summer day camp where kids can explore nearby Merritt Mountain, get up close and personal with sea creatures like crabs and starfish, and set off on adventurous scavenger hunts. Plus, while the kids are away, the adults can play — parents, when was the last time you grabbed a table for lunch for two?

5. A Surplus Of Spots To Reconvene

Two Girls Candlepin Bowling At Sebasco Harbor, A Maine Family Resort

Let’s put it this way: if you don’t want plenty of ways to make family memories in Maine, you’d better find a different resort. Flip through our daily activity schedules for Maine-y events from tie-dye on our grassy lawns to ice cream-making lessons.

If you’ve got golfers in the group, they can catch up while swinging away on our nine-hole course while the kids are away at play (or bring them along and introduce them to the game on our putt-perfect practice hole). After a long day of Maine adventuring, reconvene as a family at our Quarterdeck Recreation Center for a night of friendly competition with candlepin bowling and ping-pong.

No matter how you choose to spend your time at our Maine family resort, inspire some Sebasco summer splendor with our Family Fun Package.

Go On A Pirate Adventure At A Maine Resort

Sebasco pirateA Maine vacation is unlike any other, and a Maine vacation at Sebasco Harbor Resort is undeniably unforgettable. The abundance of amenities and activities is what sets us apart from other Maine resorts, and it’s why many of our guests return year after year. As soon as you check in, it’s clear that this is no ordinary vacation destination. What we offer is not just a location, but an experience. We provide everything you and your family could possibly need to have the most memorable and enjoyable trip possible—and our unique Pirate Cruise is a perfect example of that.

Arrrre you ready to find some treasure?

The adventure kicks off on board the resort’s very own wooden tour boat, the Ruth. Between 12-16 kids and family members hop on, teams are made, and clues and treasure maps to help the teams locate One Eyed Willy’s Treasure are handed out. Once the boat lands on Harbor Island, the teams head off to solve the mystery of the treasure’s whereabouts. Kids work together by problem solving within their group. The first team to find and unlock the treasure chest first is awarded a pirate’s flag and given the official title of the “Buccaneers of the Ruth” upon their return to the resort. On this adventure, pirate bounty (and the occasional ice cream voucher) are distributed to the entire crew.

This is one swashbuckling experience your child will be raving about for weeks. It’s a wonderful opportunity for them to make new friends and build patience through good old-fashioned teamwork. Group activities like this, which are active and encourage children to use their critical thinking skills, are some of the best ways to boost confidence and build self-esteem. Few things are as exciting for kids as a treasure hunt, let alone a treasure hunt that includes a real live pirate, an ocean journey on a wooden boat, an island on which to explore, and real treasure at the end of the search. Most importantly for the young privateers, it’s just plain old fashioned good fun!

Everything about Sebasco Harbor Resort makes us a family friendly Maine resort. Since we first opened our doors 84 years ago, our goal was to make Sebasco a place where lifelong memories are created and families come together. We offer so many activities because we understand it is through play that loved ones build stronger bonds.

At Sebasco, we believe you should have plenty of chances to do something you’ve never done before, and see something you’ve never seen before. In short, we provide a backdrop that allows you to view life in an entirely different way. Life is full of complexities and problems, and it’s necessary to step back and take a break from time to time. At Sebasco Harbor Resort, we give you that well-deserved break by surrounding you with life’s simple forgotten pleasures. We know what’s important to our guests, and we know how to create experiences that bring forth a sense of wellbeing and camaraderie. Everything you want and need in a vacation is waiting for you at this remarkable family resort in Maine. Let your curiosity get the best of you and make reservations for your upcoming family vacation today!

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Kayaking and Paddling Midcoast Maine

Sea kayaking in Maine is an experience that is as challenging as it is soul-enriching, and it’s easy to see why. The sensation of conquering the ever-changing and unpredictable nature of the vast ocean while paddling past gorgeous vistas and pristine coastlines is unparalleled – and it’s what captivates those who try.

For kayaking enthusiasts, Maine is an ideal destination. With over 5,500 miles of coastline, thousands of remote islands, an abundance of wildlife, and historic lighthouses and forts, it is one of the most stunning places in the country to traverse the ocean from the seat of a kayak. You don’t need to have experience in order to get out on the water, and Maine is one of the best places for beginners. In a state that is perfect for all types of water sports, you never have to look far to find an instructional center that offers affordable rates on lessons and guided tours. Outfitters will provide you with all of the proper equipment and basic training you need so that once you’re out on the open ocean, you will feel at ease and in control. Guided tours are a great way to paddle through the most picturesque areas of the Maine coast. Day trips range from a few hours to a full day, so you can choose what you want depending on your experience level and personal preference. Whether you’re vacationing with your spouse, friends or family, kayaking in Maine is an exhilarating experience that everyone will enjoy.

SUPing Anyone? Standup Paddling in Maine

One sport that is quickly gaining popularity here in Maine takes place on a stand up paddleboard, a.k.a. a SUP. It’s hard to visit any of the major beaches in the summer without seeing a flock of paddleboard surfers. Though the roots of standup paddling are uncertain, it was popularized in the 1960s when Hawaiian surfing instructors, known as the Beach Boys of Waikiki began using the technique as a way to take pictures of tourists learning to surf.

Standup paddling is largely popular not only because of the ease with which beginners are able to learn, but because of the exceptional visibility of the marine life and surrounding water surface that it offers. Standup paddling, unlike surfing, does not require the presence of a wave, so any large body of water is suitable for practicing this sport. This quality is especially nice for those who prefer to paddle on tamer waters—or for beginners who might be hesitant to start out on the ocean. Women in particular might want to try their hand at standup paddling since females’ lower center of gravity gives them an advantage in balancing and maneuvering through the water. This sport isn’t only fun, however; it is an excellent workout that utilizes and strengthens the core muscles and enhances overall balance.

Whether you are planning on kayaking or going standup paddling in Maine, the wealth of resources available to you throughout this state are unbeatable. Summer was made for water sports, and with some of the most beautiful beaches and seascapes in the nation, why not choose Maine as your next vacation destination?

Sebasco Harbor Resort: The key to an unforgettable kayaking

If you’ve already decided to take a kayaking vacation in Maine and you’re looking for the perfect Maine resort, look no further than Sebasco Harbor Resort. Our Sebasco Kayaking Center, with one of the best sea kayaking launch spots in the state, is located right on our grounds. For seasoned kayakers, you can spend the day enjoying the salty breeze as you paddle through gorgeous Casco Bay before heading back to our resort where an evening of sublime relaxation awaits you. For beginners, our Kayaking Center offers professional instruction from licensed guides and daily trips.

We take great pride in providing our guests with exceptional amenities that allow them to fully submerge themselves into vacation mode and let the outside world melt away. Our two restaurants serve up delectable dishes made from only the freshest local ingredients, while our distinctive Maine resort accommodations are as luxurious as they are inviting. For the most memorable kayaking vacation, the choice is simple. Call Sebasco Harbor Resort today to make reservations for your upcoming trip!

Fall In Love With Maine: Stay In A Lighthouse

Fall is upon us, so why not take advantage of the beautiful weather and foliage and book a romantic getaway for you and your significant other? Early October in Maine is easily one of the most scenic times of the year to visit. Surrounded by majestic trees with leaves bursting with richly hued reds, oranges and yellows, the scenery is breathtaking beyond description. The weather is cozy sweater brisk, yet warm enough to spend entire days exploring the natural landscape in cotton. If you’ve never experienced autumn in Maine, and you’re looking for a way to put some spark back into your relationship, look no further than Sebasco Harbor Resort. We think you will find our welcoming resort is just the romantic setting you’ve been looking for in Maine.

What makes Sebasco the most romantic Maine resort?

While there are other Maine resorts that offer pleasant accommodations and decent amenities, Sebasco Harbor Resort is truly something special. “Special” because of the stunning landscape, a wide array of luxurious accommodations, an abundance of exceptional amenities and activities from which to choose, and our fine and casual dining options. You’ll find all of that at Sebasco—and more. Sebasco also makes it easy for you to plan your getaway by offering vacation packages to suit your preferences.

One of the most popular getaway specials is the Lighthouse Romance Package. This package includes a stay in the resort’s charming Lighthouse where each room is unique and offers unbeatable views of Casco Bay and the rocky ledges along its pristine coastline. In addition to a romantic suite, fresh flowers and a welcome gift are provided setting the stage for one of the most memorable trips you’ll take. Once you’ve settled into your room, you can enjoy a round of golf on our oceanfront course, play a set of tennis, take in a harbor cruise, or relax and awaken your senses at our Fairwinds Spa. In the mood Head over to the Pilot House where you can enjoy fine wine and a romantic candle lit meal while overlooking the ocean at chill? Take a stroll along our sprawling resort grounds and experience Maine’s natural beauty at its finest. After you’ve worked up an appetite, head over to the Pilot House where you can enjoy fine wine and a romantic candle lit meal while overlooking the ocean at sunset. And as an added bonus, dinner, as well as a delectable breakfast each morning, are included in your package.

Another popular special is the Lighthouses and Lobsters package. This package includes accommodations in our Lighthouse, as well as a delicious Maine lobster dinner for two at the Pilot House. During your stay the concierge will provide you with information for a self-guided tour of the nearby lighthouses. Maine is famous for its wealth of lighthouses which dot the long, ragged coastline—and each one is as unique as it is beautiful. This is the perfect package for couples who like to get out and explore, take pictures and experience the area at their own pace—and since the Midcoast region is home to some of the most incredible lighthouses in the country, you’ll have no shortage of places to visit.

Fall: there’s no better time to getaway

If you didn’t get a chance to take a relaxing break this summer, now is the best time to grab the opportunity to let go and spend some quality time with the person you love the most and fall in Maine is the perfect time to do just that. Reignite your passion as a couple by making reservations for a romantic getaway to Sebasco’s enchanting Maine resort! Book your Lighthouse Romance Package or Lighthouses and Lobsters package now!

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The “Lighthouse State” with a Lighthouse Tour

One of the best ways to learn about the rich maritime history of Maine is to visit the many impeccably preserved lighthouses that dot the state’s 5000 miles of rocky coastline. While Maine lighthouses are recognized today primarily for their unique beauty, their importance in safe maritime navigation was an invaluable resource to ship captains from the 18th until the 20th century. The difficulty of navigating the markedly dangerous coastline necessitated the creation of structures that would serve as beacons of light and sound to guide ships safely back to shore. Today, the 65 lighthouses that still stand have earned Maine the nickname “The Lighthouse State”. No trip to Vacationland would be complete without seeing at least one of these awe-inspiring structures up close and personal.

Historic Maine lighthouses offer a glimpse into the state’s rich maritime history

Maine has more lighthouses on the ocean than any other state in the nation, and each one has its own unique appearance, distinctive history and, more often than not, haunting legends that only add to its appeal. Fourteen of the state’s lighthouses are located in the Midcoast region, including one that has been nationally recognized for being one of the most haunted in the country! So while you’re on your Maine vacation, consider taking a lighthouse tour to experience the uniqueness of the Maine coast.

Experience the charm, allure and mystery of a Maine lighthouse tour

To get the most out of your visits, a guided lighthouse tour is one of the most enjoyable ways to learn as much as possible, and also one of the only ways to see some of the more secluded lighthouses. While not all of Maine’s lighthouses are open to the public, over 30 of them allow visitation to the surrounding area and many even open their doors to the public to allow them to see the interior. Long Reach Cruises, located in Bath, offers scenic lighthouse cruises and boat tours throughout the Midcoast region. All cruises include admission to the famous Maine Maritime Museum where you can explore Maine’s maritime heritage and culture through one-of-a-kind exhibits and over 20,000 documents, artifacts and pieces of artwork.

Of all of the lighthouses located in this region, Owl’s Head Lighthouse has earned the most attention for its abundance of eerie occurrences; so much so that Coastal Living magazine named it one of the ten most haunted lighthouses in the entire country1. It comes as no surprise, then, that its fascinating history makes it one of the most anticipated lighthouses to visit during tours. Owl’s Head is located near Rockland, which is home to the Maine Lighthouse Museum. Lighthouse fanatics and history buffs alike will appreciate the chance to peruse through the largest collection of lighthouse lenses, lighthouse artifacts and Coast Guard memorabilia in the United States—it’s certainly worth the trip when you’re in the area!

Other lighthouses in the area that you might get a chance to see during a guided boat tour are Brown’s Head Light, Burnt Island Light, Curtis Island Light, Doubling Point Light, Fort Point Light, Grindle Point Light, Hendrick’s Head Light, Marshall Point Light, Monhegan Light, Pemaquid Point Light, Rockland Breakwater Light, Seguin Island Light and Squirrel Island Light. For those who are truly interested in taking the opportunity to see these maritime towers, a guided tour offers you special access and unbeatable views of Maine’s lighthouses that are not reachable by car.

Get the full lighthouse experience by spending the night in one!

When it comes to unbeatable and distinctive accommodations during your Maine vacation, Sebasco Harbor Resort takes the cake—especially if you want a true lighthouse experience. Built in 1940 by the original owner of Sebasco, Nathan Cushman, the Lighthouse at Sebasco Harbor Resort offers the ideal spot for guest seeking comfort with unbeatable oceanfront views. Even though it was not built to be used as a working lighthouse, it has nonetheless served as a landmark for sailors over the years.

The Lighthouse accommodations include 10 guest rooms—two with a king bed, two with two double beds, and six with a queen. Regardless of which room you stay in, the window views that overlook the pristine, rocky coastline of Casco Bay will fill you with an inexplicable sense of serenity that you have to feel to believe. The communal top floor of the Lighthouse boasts a 360 view of the surrounding landscape through oversized windows where you can take in the natural beauty from the comfort of the room’s luxurious seating options. It’s the perfect place to end a memorable day of sightseeing along the Maine coast. Call or click to make your reservations now!

1. “Top 10 Haunted Lighthouses.” Coastal Living, n.d. Web. <>.

Sebasco Joins Dine Out for No Kid Hungry®

This September, Sebasco Harbor Resort is joining restaurants nationwide to support Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry® campaign. During the entire month of September, Sebasco will donate $2 for every lobster dinner sold at our Pilot House and The Ledges restaurants.

What prompted our participation? The fact is that 16 million American children face hunger every year. That’s 1 out of 5 kids, and we wanted to do something to put a stop to that. In 2012, restaurants nationwide raised $5.9 million for the No Kid Hungry® campaign—funds are used to raise awareness about child hunger in the U.S.; create public-private partnerships that align kids with the resources they need; support nutrition programs like School Breakfast and Summer Meals; and educate kids and their families on how to cook healthy meals with limited resources. Through Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry campaign, every $2 Sebasco donates helps connect a child facing hunger to 20 meals.

So during September, why not treat yourself to a lobster dinner at Sebasco…and know that you are doing something to ensure that every child in the U.S. has access to the nutritious food they need, every day.

Exploring Land Trusts and Hiking Trails

Since the 1970s, the state of Maine has been a leader in the land trust movement. With over 90 nonprofit land conservation organizations across the state, Maine has more land trusts per capita than any other state in the union. And with over 800,000 acres preserved, Maine land trusts have conserved more acreage than any other state with the exception of California. Protecting public and private lands has become a priority to Maine communities that want to prevent the growing rate of real estate development from destroying the pristine natural habitats that make the state truly special and unique.

Visitors come to Maine to get away from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives, and it’s easy to understand why. The access to nature that land trusts provide and the breathtaking scenery of the Maine coast, make it nearly effortless for visitors to forget their cares and experience a simpler time. Midcoast Maine, marked by charming villages, scenic harbors and majestic woodlands, offers some of the most quintessential images of the state’s landscape. The historic town of Phippsburg, an 18-mile peninsula just a short distance from Bath, is located at the point where the Kennebec River meets the Atlantic Ocean. If you want to experience true Maine, this town should be at the top of your list.

Fortunately, the Phippsburg Land Trust owns 450 acres of land and has conservation easements on another 350 acres. Over 31 miles of hiking trails exist on this scenic peninsula, as well as other protected lands such as Popham Beach State Park and Morse Mountain. The most popular preserve in Phippsburg is the Center Pond Preserve, which has over 235 acres with five trails covering over 10 miles. Hikers on the preserve can see tall granite ledges and ravines, vernal pools, small streams, a beaver pond, old stone fences and stonewalls, as well as an abundance of wildflowers and native birds.

Other areas to visit for quick day hikes are the 46-acre Ridgewell Preserve, which offers a marsh and woodlands trail with unbeatable views of nearby Seguin Island, and Morse Mountain, which offers a relatively easy 2-mile climb with great views from the top including Sprague River, Sewall Beach and Seguin Island. The Sprague Pond Preserve, with its picturesque streams, waterfall and 10-acre spring-fed pond make it a must see for every visitor to the Midcoast Maine area.

Sebasco’s the perfect place to stay when traversing the Phippsburg trails!

If you’re looking for a Maine resort that is conveniently located to all that the Phippsburg area has to offer nature lovers, Sebasco Harbor Resort provides an abundance of amenities and affordable accommodation options. Located in the heart of Phippsburg on over 550 acres of stunning oceanfront landscape, you can’t find a better resort in Maine to stay at while exploring some of the state’s most breathtaking wilderness.

With a variety of nature hikes that are relatively short and easy walks, it’s easy to find something that is sure to suit the whole family. After your adventure, head back to the resort for a delicious meal at one of our two fabulous restaurants and then enjoy some authentic Maine style fun. Bowl a couple of strings on one of our vintage candlepin lanes, enjoy a game of ping pong or foosball in the Quarterdeck Recreation Center, or participate in a variety of family activities like campfire sing-a-long and cooking S’mores. The choice is yours and the options for fun Family Activities abound!

Sebasco Harbor Resort is widely known for being a family friendly Maine resort, and that’s because we offer something for all ages. Our resort, and the wilderness surrounding us, is the ideal setting for family bonding and creating lifelong memories. Come play and explore!

An Environmentally Friendly Maine Resort

With climate change becoming a growing concern worldwide, many travelers are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint while enjoying time away from home. If you’re looking for a green resort, look no further than Sebasco Harbor Resort, named a Gold Level GreenLeader by TripAdvisor and a Maine Environmental Leader by the Maine Department of Environmental Protection.

Since it was founded in 2000, TripAdvisor has been a trusted source of consumer travel information. It has grown to become the world’s largest social travel website, with over 200 million users each month viewing information about hotels, resorts, flights, vacation packages and more. TripAdvisor provides over 100 million reviews and photos of hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions from other travelers, making decisions regarding vacation destinations a breeze.

Due to the growing trend among consumers to make greener decisions, this year TripAdvisor announced the launch of its new GreenLeaders Program. The program helps travelers find environmentally friendly accommodations. A recent survey by TripAdvisor’s TripBarometer, the world’s largest accommodation and traveler survey, revealed that 79% of travelers place importance on properties that have implemented eco-friendly practices1. It is clear that consumers are becoming more aware of the impact of their carbon footprint and actively making decisions to minimize any negative environmental impact as a result.

TripAdvisor GreenLeaders program

The GreenLeaders Program is partnered with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR® program and the U.S. Green Building Council to assist in creating a greener planet. Currently, the global tourism industry generates close to $1 trillion annually2 and growing, so providing services where travelers can easily find and choose eco-friendly hotels and resorts is the wave of the sustainable future. In order for a hotel or resort to be accepted into the GreenPartner Program, they are required to meet the program’s minimum requirements. They must:

• Track energy use on a regular basis (at least quarterly)
• Use at least 75% energy-efficient light bulbs
• Have current and active towel and linen re-use plans in place
• Recycle at least two types of waste
• Have staff training on green practices
• Provide guest education on green practices

Sebasco Harbor Resort has successfully achieved a Gold status from the program due to its unwavering commitment to eco-friendly standards. Not only is the entire staff trained annually on implementing green practices, our resort furnishes guest rooms with ENERGY STAR® appliances and organic toiletries. Sebasco Harbor Resort also purchases certified organic and fair trade foods, practices non-toxic pest control, and landscaping is done almost entirely with plants and trees native to the region.

Because of our track record in implementing these types of eco-friendly practices, Sebasco Harbor Resort was also recently recognized by the state of Maine as an Environmental Leader in the Lodging Business. The Maine program recognizes businesses that are committed to environmental and economic sustainability. Certified by the Maine Department of Environmental Protection, Environmental Leaders must have implemented programs that conserve energy and water, minimize waste, use environmentally preferable cleaners, and help to educate the public and their guests on reducing environmental impact.

For eco-friendly travel, choose a Maine resort over a cruise

Of the $1 trillion generated by tourism, $32 billion comes from the cruise ship industry, making it a significant economic force3 in the travel industry. Unfortunately, cruise ships have a widespread, detrimental impact on both the environment and human health. A study released by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) found that commercial vessels – freighters, tankers and cruise ships produce enough air pollution to pose “a significant health concern for coastal communities”4.

So, if you love the ocean, why not choose to stay at an environmentally friendly Maine resort where you can truly savor the sights and sounds of a pristine coastline – and feel good about doing your part to help protect it. Sebasco Harbor Resort is located on over 550 acres of spectacular oceanfront, woodlands and gardens. Our relaxing atmosphere combined with a wide range of guest activities and creative Maine dining make us one of the most memorable vacation destination resorts in the country. And just as we are dedicated to our valued guests, we’re equally committed to preserving the integrity and beauty of nature by being green. It’s something we take great pride in, and one of the many aspects that makes our resort a nationally recognized environmental leader.

1. “TripAdvisor GreenLeaders™ Program Highlights Eco-Friendly Hotels to Help Travelers Plan Greener Trips.” United Nations Environment Programme, n.d. Web. <>.

2. “TripAdvisor GreenLeaders™ Program Highlights Eco-Friendly Hotels to Help Travelers Plan Greener Trips.” United Nations Environment Programme, n.d. Web. <>.

3. “Cruise Ship Pollution in the United States.” Wikimedia Foundation, n.d. Web. <>.

4. Newspapers, McClatchy. “US Study Warns of Pollution from Merchant Ships off Florida Coast.” Guardian News and Media, n.d. Web. <>.

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The Ultimate Maine Resort for Boaters

What better way to arrive in style for your classic Maine vacation than to cruise through gorgeous Casco Bay and dock your boat at the expansive on-site mooring field of one of the most picturesque oceanfront resorts in the country! Forget driving through traffic on a hot day; summer in Maine is made for boating. Boat owners share a love of the fresh air, cool breezes and freedom found on the open water, so if you spend your summers cruising through the ocean, why not vacation at a resort that caters to boaters?

Sebasco Harbor Resort is the best Maine resort for boat owners, and once you vacation here you will understand why our boating facilities and moorings are packed during the warmer months with yachts and boats owned by our guests and visitors. Our exceptional resort is sprawled across 550 acres of some of the most pristine landscapes in the state, and guests travel from across the country to vacation, get married and enjoy old fashioned family reunions here. Dock your boat with us and enjoy a round of golf, or simply relax and take in the beauty of the rocky coastline and rugged woodlands. Spend your nights on board, or stay in one of our rooms, suites, or cottages – it’s your choice. Vacations are meant to be relaxing, and our staff is dedicated to providing you with everything that you need to let the stressors of the outside world melt away during your stay.

Dock Your Boat and Experience True Maine Hospitality

We aren’t only a great Maine resort for boat owners, we offer just about everything under the sun when it comes to activities for all ages and preferences. If you like to golf, you’ll find our two distinctive golf courses to be a challenging and relaxing way to spend the afternoon. If you enjoy spending a day being pampered, our Fairwinds Spa offers a full menu of luxurious and therapeutic treatments in an unbeatably serene atmosphere. And, if you’re vacationing with kids, our unique Camp Merritt program is a great way for them to explore the area and learn about Maine’s fascinating culture experiencing exciting adventures with other children their age.

We believe that if you live in a state famous for its abundance of organic farms and fisheries, you should always eat fresh—and local. We also believe food tastes better when it doesn’t have to travel far from land or sea to your plate. The Ledges is our casual restaurant, and perfect for a great lunch, dinner or dining with kids. If you’re looking for something more elegant, the Pilot House offers up creative fine dining with a breathtaking oceanfront view. Romantic meals are our specialty here. Order a bottle of wine from our extensive wine list to share with your loved one and split an appetizer of Casco Bay scallops, pan-seared to perfection and served with a white chocolate mole sauce. As delicious as our appetizers are, they never upstage our fabulous entrees. Our fresh caught Maine haddock served alongside lobster hash and fried capers, and our juicy filet mignon served with locally-made bleu cheese and morel mushrooms are just two of the memorable meals you can only experience here. If you’re looking for a Maine resort for boaters that offers so much more, you’re in excellent hands at Sebasco Harbor Resort.

Planning a Day Trip to Historic Phippsburg or Bath? Dock Your Boat Here!

Our mooring field isn’t only open to our overnight guests, we welcome visitors to the area to dock here as well! When you dock your boat with us, the mooring fee includes launch service, as well as use of our saltwater pool and guest rates for all of our resort activities. You don’t need to stay here in order to enjoy our scenic harbor and explore the area. All you need to do is make your reservations ahead of time and we will save you a spot—it’s as easy as that. Call us today at 1-800-225-3819.

A Maine Family Resort For All Ages

It is rare these days to discover a Maine family resort that appeals to both younger and older generations – a place where old-fashioned traditions still feel fresh and new; a place where recreation is encouraged and a wondrous landscape that begs to be explored.

The longing for simplicity and a return to a time when spending the entire day outside with the family was the norm has become a common desire. Our lives have become consumed by screens, and smart phones, TVs, tablets, and computers continuously demand our attention. By keeping us in a state of constant stimulation, they distract us and take us further away from the things and the people that are the most important. The technology robs us of our ability to just be present. Only when we pry ourselves away from the world of digital media can we fully see the beauty surrounding us and appreciate the relationships upon which the foundations of our lives are rooted.

It is that realization, the one that says it is time to get away from it all and give something precious back to yourself and your family; your undivided attention. That means it’s time to book a vacation that will clear your mind and take you back to a world reminiscent of yesteryear. And to do that, you won’t find a better place in Maine than Sebasco Harbor Resort.

More than your garden-variety family fun

Since Sebasco Harbor Resort first opened its doors in 1930, it has served as the perfect backdrop for families to connect—and reconnect. The unique history and activities offered to guests are not what you’ll find at the many run-of-the-mill resorts across the country. This is truly a Maine family vacation resort with daily and weekly scheduled activities that not only encourage quality family bonding, but also facilitate the creation of new friendships with other families.

Spend the day with your loved ones enjoying a scenic nature cruise aboard the Ruth or watch your children’s eyes light up with excitement when they find hidden treasure on a family Pirate Adventure. The evenings are prime time for old-fashioned fun. The Quarterdeck Recreation Center has long been a family favorite—complete with jukebox, it offers vintage candlepin bowling, Ping-Pong tables, billiards, shuffleboard, pinball, foosball and air hockey. These vintage games strengthen family bonds through wholesome competition, and are certainly a far cry from the screen-driven games of today. Imagine a warm, ocean breeze-filled summer evening where the sound of laughter and the smell of S’mores roasting over a crackling bonfire set the atmosphere. When you’re here, nothing is too good to be true.

Summer fun with a some traditional favorites to savor

When Nathan Cushman founded Sebasco, he wanted to create a “village-style” Maine resort that inspired guests to partake in recreational activities. His vision was a success and has proven the test of time. Sebasco Harbor Resort boasts 550 acres that allow guests to feel a sense of privacy and enjoy plenty of personal space. There are a variety of gathering spaces on the property where families can spend time together and engage in unique activities. Play a game of croquet on the lush lawn overlooking Casco Bay before taking a dip in the Olympic-sized saltwater pool, introduce your kids to the game of golf on the three-hole lake golf course, or take a family hike on the resort’s surrounding grounds. Once you’ve worked up an appetite, stroll over to The Ledges to savor a delicious lunch of traditional Maine fare with a modern flair while overlooking the pristine harbor. For dessert, the handmade ice cream at the Patio Café on the gorgeous Village Green is truly unbeatable. When it comes to classic Maine family resorts, there is no competition.

No trip to Maine would be complete without experiencing a true Maine lobster bake or a traditional Blueberry Pancake Breakfast, both of which are weekly traditions here. Summers are made for having fun and creating lifelong family memories—and some of the very best experiences to be had are right here at our great family resort in Maine. What’s old is new again here at Sebasco Harbor Resort, and that rare quality is perhaps the most beloved aspect of this enchanting getaway.

Message from the Lighthouse Keeper: New Season, New Sebasco

As our economy continues to move toward recovery, we at Sebasco we are thrilled to be embarking on a new season of renovation, restoration and revitalization. The past few years have been difficult for many, including Sebasco – but thanks to our loyal guests, and all of the new families who have just recently discovered our resort, we are now moving forward and making some much-anticipated renovations across the property.

Over the past two years we have invested more than 300,000 dollars in the property – including these most recent improvements, which will be completed by opening day this summer, our 84th season.


The Cornelius Ballroom is where we hold many of our grand events, including weddings, banquets, conferences and more. This year it has undergone a floor to ceiling renovation – literally. We refinished the antique oak floors, added new window treatments and wall coverings, and replaced the ceiling, including updated ventilation and new lighting. Every square inch has been renovated to make the space truly grand. In addition to the ballroom, we also renovated the lobby to match with new carpet, wall treatments, paint and classic finishes.


While shiny and new is always fun, here at Sebasco, we also love a little bit of classic charm. So this year we decided to take the old Coveside Cottage and restore it in a new location. The 2-bedroom cottage will be completely remodeled, and now sits lakeside (appropriately named the Lakeside Cottage). It will be ready for occupancy this July.


In addition to the renovations and restorations we completed during the off-season, we’ve also been focusing on revitalizing some of our signature amenities, including our Lighthouse guestrooms, saltwater pool and oceanfront golf course. The lighthouse guest rooms now feature new carpeting, linens, window treatments, and lovely new Maine cottage style furnishings. Our famous outdoor saltwater pool (the largest in Maine) will receive an automatic lift to make it fully handicap accessible. Lastly, but certainly not least, we will replace all of our golf carts with a newly upgraded fleet.

This off-season has certainly been a busy one, what with all the construction and remodeling, but we couldn’t be more excited to open our doors this summer, and welcome back all of our loyal guests who call this place “home away from home.” We’re pleased to offer all of our guests the opportunity to book your vacation to Maine before opening day, May 17th at rates that have remained the same, or even been reduced, over the last few years. This will give you the opportunity to experience the new and improved Sebasco at the same affordable cost. Visit our “Packages and Specials” webpage for value promotions, or give us a call, and we’ll help you plan a dream Maine vacation that fits your family and your budget.

Here’s to a summer filled with sun, sand, ‘lobstah,’ and to a season full of growth and revitalization for all.

Best Regards,

Bob Smith, Lighthouse Keeper
Sebasco Harbor Resort

2013 TripAdvisor® Certificate of Excellence

Honored as a Top Performing Maine Vacation Resort

Sebasco Estates, Maine (May 22, 2013)

Sebasco Harbor Resort today announced that it has received a TripAdvisor® Certificate of Excellence award. The accolade, which honors hospitality excellence, is given only to establishments that consistently achieve outstanding traveler reviews on TripAdvisor, and is extended to qualifying businesses worldwide. Only the top-performing 10 percent of businesses listed on TripAdvisor receive this prestigious award.

To qualify for a Certificate of Excellence, businesses must maintain an overall rating of four or higher, out of a possible five, as reviewed by travelers on TripAdvisor, and must have been listed on TripAdvisor for at least 12 months. Additional criteria include the volume of reviews received within the last 12 months.

“Sebasco Harbor Resort is pleased to receive a TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence,” said Michael Lynch, General Manager at Sebasco Harbor Resort. “As a Maine vacation resort, we strive to offer our customers a memorable experience, and this accolade is evidence that our hard work is translating into positive reviews on TripAdvisor.”

“TripAdvisor is delighted to celebrate the success of businesses around the globe, from Sydney to Chicago, Sao Paulo to Rome, which are consistently offering TripAdvisor travelers a great customer experience,” said Alison Copus, Vice President of Marketing for TripAdvisor for Business. “The Certificate of Excellence award provides top performing establishments around the world the recognition they deserve, based on feedback from those who matter most – their customers.”

About Sebasco Harbor Resort

Sebasco Harbor Resort is Pure Maine! Since 1930, guests have enjoyed Sebasco’s vacation destination of over 550 acres on the rocky mid-coast of Maine. Sebasco offers waterfront, woodlands, gardens, and a delightful harbor side village on Casco Bay with various accommodations including the Lighthouse, Main Lodge, Spa Suites, Harbor Village Suites and cottages for a total of 133 rooms from which to choose. Sebasco also features a salt-water pool, a golf course with ocean views, a full-service seaside spa and waterfront and al fresco dining options. Recreation opportunities include sailing, kayaking, biking, fishing, tennis, authentic Maine lobster bakes, and blueberry pancake breakfasts.

About TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is the world’s largest travel site*, enabling travelers to plan and have the perfect trip. TripAdvisor offers trusted advice from real travelers and a wide variety of travel choices and planning features with seamless links to booking tools. TripAdvisor branded sites make up the largest travel community in the world, with more than 200 million unique monthly visitors**, and over 100 million reviews and opinions. The sites operate in 30 countries worldwide, including China under TripAdvisor also includes TripAdvisor for Business, a dedicated division that provides the tourism industry access to millions of monthly TripAdvisor visitors.

*Source: comScore Media Metrix for TripAdvisor Sites, worldwide, January 2013

**Source: Google Analytics, worldwide data, March 2013

©2013 TripAdvisor, Inc. All rights reserved.

SOURCE TripAdvisor

Corporate Team Building Retreats are Good Business

If you’re looking to boost your company bottom line this year, consider a few strategies: ramp up the marketing program, expand product distribution, get lean on operations, and take a company retreat. Company retreat? How does this expense – occasionally characterized as a “mini vacation away from work” – make sense to improve your business? Here are some of our top reasons why and how to do a team building retreat right here at Sebasco Harbor Resort; the ideal Maine meeting venue for New England-based companies!Group events increase employee engagement

A recent report from RedBalloon/AltusQ found that companies with high employee engagement levels were up to 10 times more likely to see increased sales/profit compared to those with lower engagement. This report also found that group events (i.e. company lunches, nights out, coaching) helped improve employee engagement levels the most. After all, who isn’t more productive in a happy workplace that facilitates strong relationships with co-workers? A corporate teambuilding retreat is the perfect way to build this essential foundation for success. Here are some great tips that we harvested from Sarah Kessler’s “How to Plan a Company Retreat” article, published by Inc. Magazine, and summarized generally (though not in entirety) below:

Clearly define the purpose of the retreat:

What is the point of this session? How can a team building retreat best help your organization – both in the short- and long-term? What specific and tangible results should come from this retreat, and in what time frame? Questions like these will provide the framework for your agenda. Without specific goals in place, the retreat will most likely be less effective.

Invite the right people:

Whether it’s the senior management team, a single department, or a combination of the two – only invite the people that need to be at the event. What employees/stakeholders will be responsible for making the needed changes after this retreat? Those are the people that need to be there.

Hire a professional facilitator:

It’s always good to have an objective (and professional) person at the helm of the retreat. Whenever possible, avoid letting top company managers (like the CEO) take charge; employees may feel less comfortable in opening up.

Maine corporate retreats can be fun! (Really!)

There are many great reasons why so many New England-based companies head to Sebasco for corporate meetings and company events in Maine. Flexibility ranging from an on-site afternoon meeting to overnight stays for busy organizations that may want to book a “last-minute” event. It’s also why stressed-out professionals appreciate our calmer pace here on Maine’s Midcoast, with our breathtaking oceanfront views on over 550 acres. Only one hour north of Portland, we have dozens of meeting rooms, several suitable outdoor venues, and more than 133 guest rooms. And, above all, we know how to help you create the ultimate (and fun) team building retreat!

Whether you have 2 or 250 attendees, our full-service conference staff will work closely with you to assess your group’s meeting needs and goals. If powerful teambuilding sessions are at the top of your list, we have plenty of energizing group activities that can be tailored for your own group’s unique objectives. Here are just a handful of the many options we offer:

Ocean Teambuilding Environment (in partnership with Seaspray Kayaking)Golf Scramble TournamentNite-Lite GolfTennis Round RobinPirate’s Treasure HuntCandlepin Bowling & Ping Pong TournamentsScavenger HuntBike RaceHorseshoe Toss

If you are looking to add a special dining event onto your corporate retreat, Sebasco can fully accommodate everything from a classic Maine Lobsterbake harbor side on the pool lawn, to a formal banquet for up to 300 guests in the Cornelius Room. We’ll work with you to determine the best place for your dining and teambuilding exercises – with available options on the Pool Lawn, the Village Green, as well as on the patio and grounds adjacent to the Golf Pro Shop. When it comes to meeting venues in Maine, we should be at the top of your short list.

Let’s start team building!

Embarking on a fun retreat to make your team stronger and to potentially boost your business profitability? Sounds like the best of both worlds! Complete our Request for Proposal form online or call 800-225-3819 (extension 2) to request more information or to book your retreat. Corporate packages are also available. Let us help you create the most effective – and memorable – Maine corporate retreat or team building event today!

Experience A Pure Maine Sunday Family “Suppah”

We’ve added another reason to choose Sebasco Harbor Resort as your Maine family vacation and dining destination. This summer, Sebasco Harbor Resort presents an all-new “Sunday Family Suppah” that is straight-up, Pure Maine style featuring great food and live entertainment. Join us for a mouthwatering feast of traditional Maine fare including steamers, mussels, lobster, shrimp, slow-cooked ribs, chicken fingers, peach cobbler, and live performances by The Saltwater Hillbilly.

Who is The Saltwater Hillbilly…why do you want to see him?

When The Saltwater Hillbilly takes the stage it’s hard not to pay attention, and smile. Dennis (a.k.a Dennis Doiron) is a talented singer and guitarist who is also an award-winning songwriter, actor, producer and director. His musicals have captivated audiences throughout the Midcoast Maine region. What makes The Saltwater Hillbilly one of the most genuinely enjoyable performers for all ages is his unpredictability. His one-of-a-kind style combines unexpected musical genres into one uniquely entertaining performance. From Hawaiian and Country to Folk and Reggae, his performance features an abundance of rollicking tunes—any of which may be accompanied by some occasional yodeling. He’s “Don Ho meets Gene Autry” –with a dash of Jimmy Buffet! A fun, familiar, and family friendly atmosphere is the result!

Even more Maine resort fun…

In addition to the lively fun presented by the Saltwater Hillbilly and delicious array of local, fresh cuisine, there will be plenty of classic Maine resort activities and games outside that both adults and children can enjoy. Family Twister, Badminton, Croquet, Cornball, Shuffleboard and the always-classic Potato Sack Race are just some of the events in which guests are free to partake.

An invitation to Maine residents and area visitors

While we think our Family Suppah will be one of the most memorable evenings of your family vacation, you don’t have to be a guest of the resort to take advantage of this wonderful event! Locals and visitors to the area are more than welcome to come and enjoy this delicious feast and live entertainment at our Maine resort. Make plans with friends and family to meet up at Sebasco for an unforgettable Sunday night—just be sure to call for reservations ahead of time so we’ll be ready for you and your loved ones.

And don’t forget that you are always welcome for dinner at the Pilot House and casual dining at The Ledges. Both waterfront restaurants are open seven days a week with spectacular coastal views and offer the freshest most delicious Pure Maine culinary experience imaginable!

Delicious food, friendly service, great amenities, and live entertainment are just a few of the qualities that set our Maine resort apart from the rest. There is no family vacation like a Sebasco Maine family vacation. Join us for a truly remarkable experience that will leave you with memories to endure a lifetime!

Plan Your June Wedding Now!

From the moment you got engaged, you may have already known that a Maine wedding venue was the only choice for you. After all, how can you beat breathtaking ocean views while you exchange vows with your future spouse in front of family and close friends? Wedding venues in Maine undoubtedly make this day more memorable. Getting to the special day, however, takes some intense planning. Speaking of, would you like a fun homework assignment? Head to Sebasco Harbor Resort, one of the top destinations for Maine weddings, and see us in action!

A quick “research” getaway

If possible, book a weekend getaway with your fiancé in the season during which you’re planning to get married. Whether your big day will be in spring, summer, or fall, Sebasco Harbor Resort is the ideal backdrop for a wedding. Situated on 550 acres of the Maine’s Midcoast, Sebasco boasts an incredible view – rocky coastline, lush green woodlands (or crimson and yellow in autumn), Casco Bay islands, heirloom gardens, and crashing ocean waves. Not only will you be able to sneak a peek at some on-site weddings while you’re here, you can also take the time to relax and enjoy this special time of being engaged.

Sebasco has everything you need for a spectacular getaway – romantic accommodations (with special vacation getaway packages), a beautiful sun-warmed saltwater swimming pool located right at harbor’s edge, a golf course, and full-service Fairwinds Spa. You can also kayak or hike during the day, saving plenty of time for a leisurely lobster dinner at night. Not a bad way to do some wedding planning!

Perfect for every type of wedding

OK, it’s time to get down to business. When you dream about your wedding, what does it look like? Sebasco can make your vision come to life. Here are just a few wedding styles to consider:

A large wedding: Our Cornelius Room, with large windows overlooking the golf course and lake is the perfect spot for larger weddings and receptions. It’s able to accommodate 240 people.

A rustic wedding: Do you picture hanging lanterns and Mason jars filled with fresh wildflowers as must-have decorations for your reception or rehearsal dinner? Look to our unique Clipper building, known for its rustic charm. This room can accommodate 120 people for a rehearsal dinner, 150 guests for a wedding ceremony, and 100 people for a Pure Maine wedding reception. It’s also used as a rain venue for outdoor wedding ceremonies.

A traditional wedding: Our Main Deck is a traditional and flexible location for social events that can be divided into two sections, the Fore Deck (its windows overlook the Village Green) and the Aft Deck. This room can accommodate 130 guests.

Wedding with a (great) view: Our Pilot House has floor to ceiling windows and offers spectacular views from its waterfront location. The Pilot House is available for Saturday and Sunday afternoon weddings from 12 – 4 p.m. The Pilot House is also available for Sunday evening weddings in July and August.

The ultimate fun wedding: If you want a lobster bake and an ocean view that defines Maine weddings, consider our Pool Lawn. Located harbor side with vistas to the Casco Bay islands, this popular spot is often used for wedding ceremonies, socials and lobster bakes. Plan your timing just right and your guests will be treated to one of our legendary sunsets.

Intimate ceremony: Get married right on our Village Green, located in the heart of the Resort and surrounded by lush gardens and fragrant roses. It’s also a wonderful place for a cocktail reception.

And if you’d rather make your day just about you and your fiancé, consider our Intimate Affair Elopement Package. This wedding option is designed specifically for people that don’t want the expense (and stress) of bigger weddings, or for married couples that want to renew their vows. At just $550, you can get married alongside the coast with 2 to 4 people in attendance and a wedding officiate to perform the intimate ceremony. A wine and cheese platter is provided after the ceremony, and you’ll have flowers waiting in your room when you cross the threshold married!

Your dream wedding starts here

Weddings in Maine are nothing short of perfection. Sebasco Harbor Resort will help ensure your wedding provides lifelong memories. To receive our free Maine wedding planner’s guide or to schedule a tour, please email us at or call us at 800-225-3819. If you are staying for a weekend in order to check out this potential Maine wedding venue, please be sure to check out our latest vacation packages for your romantic getaway. Finally, don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter, containing all our latest news and special promotions!