bradford-smith - SebascoWelcome to 2017.

It is very hard to believe 20 years have come and gone since the Smith family assumed the reins of Sebasco from the Dana family. It has been a wonderful two decades for us.

I remember this wonderful moment. As we discussed the “peaceful transition of power,” John Bradford thought it would be nice to introduce the new family in charge. We took this picture on the first tee of the golf course and sent out the newsletter as our first interaction with our new Sebasco family. John and Deedee, as well as her sister Wendy, could not have been more supportive of us during that transition. Sadly, after 20 years of happy retirement, John passed away last fall. Many of you already know that because we really are one big family. And because many of you have been coming to Sebasco before I ever arrived.

Some of you are fourth generation guests. Even though John and Deedee retired, they still kept in touch with many of you and you still come with your family every year to enjoy all Sebasco has to offer. I thank you so much for that continued loyalty. And I thank John Bradford for trusting me to be the next steward of this beautiful place.

p.s. This image was taken after I was trusted with the keys.