How to Plan a Family Reunion

A family sitting together and smiling with each other at Ogunquit Collection

Whether your family getaway is for three or thirty, find Vacationland inspiration for all ages with our five favorite features of a Maine family resort.

We see it in the excited eyes of children eating ice cream, reunited family members embracing at the doorstep of a rustic cottage, and cheerful attendants at a lively lobster bake. Whether your getaway is for three or thirty, Vacationland has everything you need for a family get together. Lobster-loving kids and grown-ups can agree: the Maine coast is a great place for families to vacation.

1. Make sure it has all the essentials

Before your “meet us in Maine!” invitation makes it all the way to your Aunt Sally twice-removed, make sure the reunion site has ample space and amenities for that lengthy guest list. We’ve got a waterfront restaurant complete with a kids-eat-free family meal plan, widely-walkable resort grounds, and all-inclusive amenities that cater to the varied whims of an extended party.

2. Ensure your guests will be comfortable

Family members aren’t always on the same budget, but everyone wants to be comfortable. Picking a place that has a wide variety of options for accommodations helps make it easier to meet everyone’s needs without making them stressed. 

3. Offer lots of activities

People need to be able to come and go from family reunions, but there is a lot of down time to fill. You can bring your own activities, from lawn games to cards, but we recommend picking a venue that has amenities and activities already onsite. 

At Sebasco Harbor Resort, we have tons of amenities and activities that are perfect for family vacations:

  • Saltwater pool
  • Sailing
  • Kayak rentals
  • On property and nearby hiking trails
  • Lawn games
  • Bowling
  • Game room
  • and more!

4. Plan early and book in advance

Depending on the season, booking could get tough if you’re planning right before the event. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to get a sense of what people want to do, what they can afford, and when they can travel. 

A bonus tip: Call the hotel directly and see whether they can offer a group rate for you. Most hotels prefer guests to book directly, and can offer you the best rates and more flexibility with your reservation than the booking engines. Plus, the hotel staff will be happy to work with you to make sure everyone has what they need. 

5. Make sure you have space to get together

Whether you’re hosting a laid back BBQ or a catered lunch, make sure your location has space for you to reconvene over and over again. Consider how many times throughout the day the group will need to get together, and work with your venue to make sure they have space available. Great venues will offer lots of options, so you can do whatever activities will bring you together.