2015 Employee Awards

2015 Employee Awards

October Employee of the Month

Marianne Estes is the October recipient and we are not sure how this employee has never won before? She works round the clock in the pub and Pilot House and you will also see her at breakfast and banquet events taking care of all your dining needs!

marianne - Sebasco Oct employee of the month

September Employee of the Month

Monica Champion, always a wave and a smile, is a valued team member! She assisted in working with Mark in the gardens at the beginning of the season along with her housekeeping duties. We thank Monica for being part of the Sebasco housekeeping team and having such a positive attitude.

monica - sebasco sept employee of the month

August Employee of the Month

Paul Hamel was scheduled to be a part-time employee this season, but stepped up and has worked full-time without hesitation. He never misses a beat – always the personable guy on the course with golfers – constantly smiling, waving and is a great role model for the Grounds Crew

paul - sebasco august employee of the mont

July Employee of the Month

Jason Rowam continues to grow in his role as the ‘young guy’ on the Maintenance Crew and is there whenever, wherever we need him. Most everyone doesn’t realize what he does, or the duties he needs to perform – he does them without question and with guest in mind!

jason - sebasco july employee of the month

June Employees of the Month

Congratulations to Max Zhekov and Ivo Popov of the Housekeeping Department for earning the June Employees of the Month Award – forever known as MaxIvo, they will share the award due to their inseparable pairing. They both work in multiple departments and Sebasco can always count on them when we need extra hands at the last minute.

maxivo - sebasco june employees of the month

May Employee of the Month

Guerin came to Sebasco new to our kitchen but she has a great attitude and tackles any task thrown her way. She exudes a willingness to learn and help others. Guerin got an early start in the hospitality business working for our friends and neighbors Ona & Randy at Rock Gardens Inn!

guerin - sebasco may employee of the month